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March 21, 2011 Comments (7) Attractions, Featured, Visits

Fifth Mountain: Ziplining on top of General Santos City!

Lately I got stuck with ziplines and food tour I thought I covered everything about this adrenaline-pumped, cable wire flight addiction high up in the air. I mean almost. It seems zip lines are the latest outdoor craze every tourism spot harbor, that zip-lines pop up everywhere where there are clothesline or the electrical wires high up in the streets. Many claim the longest, the highest, and what ever-est you can think of but frankly, no one beats the feeling of ziplining high on top of a mountain that is overlooking and within a city.

Try the zipline of the Fifth Mountain, B’lakayo Adventure Park in the highlands of Brgy. Olympug. Located in the outskirts of General Santos City, this zipline sits on top of what seems to be the highest point (2,000 meters) of this city, the first and only zipline in such category that  promises a whole new touch to your zipline adventure.

The Place:
Okay, I envied their place. I give it a ten for the location, landscape and maintenance. This “private park” surely befits the relaxation area for a god. Or a demigod in the sox bloggers case. Just see this picture below and you know what I’m been drooling.

The Fifth Mountain Grounds (Photos by me and Ligaya)

Food& Beverages:
Surprisingly, food came first in our list of to do things in our Fifth Mountain adventure. The staff served a hearty breakfast for their guests! I never had a zipline before where the park crew also served food for their guests! Not one! (I’m going to talk about their food in our upcoming food-diet blog, www.foodietry.com so let me hang you there in envy).


The food at Fifth Mountain: Healthy!

Yoga It Right!
A unique experience in Fifth Mountain Adventure Park and zipline is the yoga session before the zip proper. From a medical standpoint, yoga is one good session of stretching and relaxing before the daredevil zip. Many people will brush aside such warming up sessions before any adrenaline rush but mind you, warming up is essential for any activity that will require pumping blood into your body system. So grab the opportunity anyway and feel the oneness with nature high up in the mountain.

The Sox Bloggers doing the yoga first before zip.(Photos by me, Ligaya and Doc Charles)

Zip Safe:
Another key point in their zipline gears and equiptments is their adherence to safety standards, which is obviously a foremost concern of every zipline park. We learned from the orientation, that the Fifth Mountain zipline adventure uses only world standard cable lines, harnesses, carabiners, ropes, flatewaves, helmets (Petzls) and a double safety line. Plus, their staff is trained in the famed Excelarator Zipline Adventure of Davao City! This somehow, placated my “fear of heights and of falling”.

Gears that are safe and standard!

So me and Ligaya (Foodietry.com) tried this zip. Together with the Sox Bloggers, Blogger Tourists Charles Ortiz (Dabaw Pinoy), Don Trivino (Bongga.com), Fitz Villafuerte (thirstyblogger.com), Cai Abbas, Marky Go(nomadicexperience.com), Olan Emboscado (Olanology.com), Ophelia Casel and the GMA crew (who actually took footage of us while we where shouting our hearts out while ziplining), we trekked uphill to the starting point. I zipped in sitting position, at 120km/hour during the first 700+ meter and at around 80km/hour during the second 300+ meter part. I wanted the superman mode (one where you’re in prone position and spreading your arms like superman) but since I’m holding a camera and the zip doesn’t have a chute umbrella to slow down the breakneck speed, I settled for the “sitting” position.

The author and Ligaya, enjoyin their hearts out while zipping!

It was so much more fun than what I’m expecting! Guys like Doc Charles (Dabaw Pinoy) and Cai Abbas tried zipping upside down and I’m pretty sure they all so enjoyed it! I’m so envious, but well, were coming back to this place for that!

I hope the owners of this Adventure Park will continue with such brand of service cause I’m pretty sure people will troop to this place soon. I you want a complete complete relaxing and a helluva a zipline adventure, try the Fifth Mountain Zipline Adventure Park! You may contact the park reservation through these numbers (globe) 09177203306 or (sun)09331138898, email: fifth.mountain@yahoo.com or visit their facebook page here.

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7 Responses to Fifth Mountain: Ziplining on top of General Santos City!

  1. Prend Rekwes says:

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    how can we get there in olimpog? pilay magastos ug unsay sakyan if halimbawa mag commute lang?

  2. Judith says:

    Chrome 10.0.639.0 Windows 7

    i tried to call the numbers you gave here but its not ringing how can we make our reservation? tnx

    • Bundok says:

      Chrome 15.0.874.121 MacOS X

      Judith try the numbers they gave in their facebook account here >>https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001835161634&sk=info.
      The numbers I posted here was about a year old already

  3. vir says:

    Chrome 10.0.648.204 Windows 7

    thanks for free promotions for our city..you know tourism here is in infant stage, although the city produces champs and tuna.lol..Gerald, Melai, Lando aka bad boy of dadiangas, Cong. Manny and Nonito, lately it’s Shamcey and new CIDG director Sammy Pgdilao..God Bless you and ur site.

    • sheng says:

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      Tourism here in Gensan has been doing good, and to say that it is in its infancy is a fallacy. I beg to disagree, because as you can see, even before Pacman has been featured in news, we already have more tourist spots to go to than his mansion.

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