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April 2, 2008 Comments Off on Talakudong Mountaineer: Mountaineering gears and equiptments as a personality cult. Gears & Equipments, Outdoor Tips

Talakudong Mountaineer: Mountaineering gears and equiptments as a personality cult.

Mountaineers and backpackers are fanatic individualist to begin with. Having a “replica” amongst their horde seems like a curse to mountaineers. They hate looking like somebody else when they are on the road or up there in the mountains , where only a handful of people is around. Thus, the sucker for individuality is zealously spiced with fanaticism.They hated the fashion trends that rock their individuality. Backpacking is a personality cult.

Campers “household” gear is essentially a reflection of the kind of individuality the climber posses.

The climbers taste for equipments and gears is tempered only by their need for self sufficiency on the road and in the wilderness. But the mountaineering clan is not without its school of individualist when it comes to choosing gears and equipments. Categorically an essential based heaps of climbing needs, their choices are far more personalized and ideological. There are these go-light climbers, who climb with as little weight possible on their back. Some lunatic fringe cut off their toothbrush, transfer foot powders into film cartridges box or unroll their dental floss into toothpick sticks before they stack them into their bags. On the opposite extreme are the heavyweight backpackers, who because they thought every gear nowadays is lightweight, stuff them all into their knapsacks in the hope of needing them in the mountain.

There the tent mockers, tarp campers and the hammock babies. Surely you’ve met the canned good squeezers and the fiesta cooking Yonkers. I’ve seen river trekkers who donned their favorite high cut boots on and the sandal freaks who rock climbed the boulders. “Hell with your shoes Dokie!” Annoyingly, there are those who climbed mountains in a priest garb or in cowboy’s attire. Others troop to the hills wearing a back suit and leather formal shoes for the sake of fun, excitement and yes individuality.

So if you see all those mountaineers march along with each other, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a band of conkers with their characteristic mountaineering bling-blings different from each other. It is a personality cult. And as you go along, you will notice that not all of them march along in unison. None of them actually likes to march in unison. They want to scatter along trails in their individuality.

And that is basically how I will “talk” about gears and equipments in my next posts!

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