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May 9, 2008 Comments Off on Summer’s top beach-for-the-buck list of Talakudong Mountaineer! Beaches & Marine, Outdoor Tips

Summer’s top beach-for-the-buck list of Talakudong Mountaineer!

“Rainy days are here already, but summer ain’t over yet!”

This summer was quite unique for me for a number of reasons. Save for that grueling Dulang to Kitanglad Traverse Climb I survived last march, all my other wanderings where in some body of water. The fact that I spent most of my outdoor bumming beach side made it even more memorable. And I enjoyed tanning my already burnt skin, with Joy- a superb adventure buddy!!

I’m putting an A-list of beaches I consider superb in terms of accessibility, uniqueness, afford ability (meaning they don’t charge any fee for laying your butt on their wooden chairs) and “beach conservation”. Sorry to disappoint the beach bums who loved the partying on overcrowded, noisy and disheveled beaches. I tend to shy away from these beaches, and hate the business mongers who rob me of my penny for some overpriced mini umbrella on ice tea.

This is my solid, beach-for-the-buck list, in no particular order.

Gumasa Beach in Glan, Saranggani
A favorite family reunion beach, I brought my family, my friends and loved one here.

This summer we head back to this white sands and bade goodbye to a mentor, friend and climbing buddy, Sir Joy. He’s climbing dunes in Dubai soon.

Situated along the white coastline of Glan, this place is easily accessible riding a private car or a habal-habal from the town proper. And for a minimal sum, you’ll already enjoy the lavish natural white sands and serene shallow waters beach side. And they have a tiangge who’s food prices are as affordable as their cottage rates.

Reasonable cottage rates are available for those who want to avail of a house, rooms, open cottages or simply a space for a tent. One particular thing I liked in this beach is the spacious area for camping and the subdued atmosphere night time. The beach is secured and guarded 24 hours a day.

Cannibad in Anundanao,Samal Islands
My all time favorite for it’s pristine waters and almost untouched natures bounty, Cannibad is paradiso contodo.

The ephemeral seclusion is overshadowed by its astounding beauty. You can hear pebbles rattle past one other like rustling waves.

A cove farther left is a haven for romantic isolations of the sane minds.

One caveat though. This place is way off the boundaries of civilization. Getting there is like another adventure in itself. But the trek is worth the paradise’s beauty. Electricity in the beach is up to 9PM only and generators are in place only on peak days. For some campers like me this offer ample time to star gaze and get a serene night time. No boisterous videokes that would blast your eardrums!

To get there in your own private car (a 4×4 is highly recommended), just follow the directions well described by Maej here in her blog, Me, Myself and Mindanao . Otherwise, you can hire a habal-habal from Penaplata or Babak Warehouse to Cannibad. Make sure the driver has a cellphone so you can contact him anytime you wanna go back to civilization. Or just ask him to fetch you on a specific time.

This view of Cannibad from a hill top is breath taking. So taking shots like this one is worth the climb up.

Isla Reta in Sta Cruz, Talikud Island
A recent rediscovery for me, Isla Reta boast of a well maintained beach resort and a cordial staff.

Talikud Islands is easily accessible via a ferry (Php 50.00/passenger) that leaves Sta. Ana Wharf in Davao City every 9 AM and 3 PM daily. If you’re coming from the beach in Kaputi-an, you’ll have to ride a motorized banca from Kaputi-an market for Php 20.00 if you’re lucky enough to catch the regular market days trip schedule. Otherwise, renting the boat costs around Php 200.00. All these boat ride will land you directly at Isla Reta Beach Resort.

This very spacious and clean beach resort is so far one of my favorites despite its distance from Davao City. The well manicured grass is very suitable for camping and picnics. The very fine beach sand made me believe it was hauled from somewhere else and carefully spread on the beach side. The sharp rocks of the opposite beach like Kaputi-an is no where to be found!

Talikud Island’s wet market is just walking distance from the resort. So if you happen to go hungry, you’re in for a meal already. I suggest you bring a hammock to lay on during hot summer time!

So thats all for now folks! I will be adding “recommended” beaches to this list as I continue discovering new ones. If you think you have a highly recommended beach based on the criteria I set earlier, bug me about that beach and I might just see you there one of these days!

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