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July 2, 2009 Comments (0) Fitness & Training, Health, Outdoor Tips

Situation Critical: Bailing Out of Mountaineering Accidents and Injuries

This heading for a series of posts about surviving accidents or injuries while trekking, cross my mind while I was languishing in my sick bed. I have my share of unfortunate accidents during climbing expeditions I felt it might be wise to share them and learn from my mistakes.

For us mountaineers and especially newbies like me, surviving the outdoors is as exciting and as challenging as any endeavor. No doubt we will be encountering hazards and obstacles as we go along trail. True, luck can be our best bet, but for most of these accidents, adequate anticipation, preparation and attention to detail may increase our chance of surviving the wild. Hopefully you will learn from my experiences too, and give in suggestions you feel necessary to fill in the “knowledge” gap.

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