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March 31, 2007 Comments (1) Outdoor Tips

Mt. Apo Climb Preparation Part II: Cyberspace Planning

  1. Personal goals for this climb: Indeed one has to have reason(s) for a climb. The most obvious of course is conquering thy fears. I get dizzy with heights, even a two story building will dampen my focus. I have allergic rhinitis and outdoors seem to abound with my allergens. I’m also accidento-phobic and climbing is a risky hobby. I am an orthopedic surgeon not a veteran climber, the geek in me is a perceived weakness. I have to tame all these fears, if I have to survive life itself. Above all, I have new found friends with same interests as mine and I want to “bond” with them thru climbing.
  2. The Itinerary: Since I have yet to get the IT from our climb leader, I searched the net for a dummy IT using the New Israel, Makilala Trail and found this suggested IT by Long Henson. I also got a topographic map from NAMRIA and the weather forecast for the climb days from PAGASA website.
  3. Selecting and completing my gear’ list: The Bundok website as well as Backpacking.net produced a sample of equipment checklist for 3-4 days- all season climb. I printed a copy and used it as my essentials checklist. I also searched the Northface and Habagat website for instructions how to use my gears and equipments that i have yet to buy (or borrow).
  4. Reviewed the “Leave No Trace” ethics in climbing.
  5. Contacted (via e-mail) my friends and buddies who are mountaineers elsewhere and see if they happen to climb Mt. Apo in the days I expect to be on top of Mt. Apo. Knowing there would be hundreds of mountaineers up there in the peak of Mt. Apo, seeing one of your buddies is a very encouraging feat.
  6. Read (and read) my BMC manual, first aid , survival guides, “mountain sickness” and hypothermia.
  7. Checked my common sense. Mountaineering and wilderness survival is anchored on the use of common sense. This one is an exercise.

There are so many other articles dealing with mountaineering and trekking that can be read in the net, but these I suppose are the basic things that should internalized and mastered prior to any climbing expedition.

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