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January 17, 2009 Comments Off on International travel made easy by booking online! Outdoor Tips

International travel made easy by booking online!

One good friend from abroad told me about two days ago that he had a hard time booking flights and scheduling his supposed to be vacation travel somewhere in the north. His travel agent got skunked and went off caput suddenly with travel booking and accommodations gone hay wire which resulted in domino delays on his vacations. He almost got marooned in Cebu Philippines! “I’m not going to do this stuff again!” He said. The poor guy, he seem ready to knock off the agent for the travel kaboom.

Then it struck me. “Why not book all your travel and all related on it via the net? The timing and cost cutting measures, minus the tiresome haggling for flight schedules will be off your back!”

This is where BootsnAll Travel-International comes in handy. To give you a better look at their services, try booking to one of the places you’ll love most in the Philippines-Cebu. The steps should be as easy as putting in your destination city and viola, you got all the departure city listing  and the cheapest flight available! Or, you can just type in your airport codes for both the departure and destination cities and you got a listing of the cheapest flights available. In some vacation areas, they even have a trip planner! You can just simply type in your point of destinations and presto, you’ve got a trip plan! Plus, a suggested cheap airfare and accommodations  pop up in every completion of a trip plan, so booking would be easy.

I like the mini travel guides and travelogue that comes up with the destinations featured on the site. Links comes on handy whenever you feel you need to read something more of your destinations and trip plan. Plus, you get to ask a travel insider for more specific and detailed questions that you need to know for your destinations!

The cheapest airfare comes in usually on midweeks and if  book in groups, you’d till get even cheaper rates. What’s cheaper than that?

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