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September 8, 2007 Comments Off on I love the outdoors but I don’t have money and time for it! Outdoor Tips

I love the outdoors but I don’t have money and time for it!

T.A.M.A.C. has had two batches of club applicants’ orientation already and we were surprised by the deluge of students to our fold. And there’s no stopping them from joining.

Notwithstanding the risks involved in mountaineering, this form of outdoor recreation has it’s unique appeal to Generation X. While majority of this generation is into DOTA, computer games, and other sports, the thrill and adventure of outdoor life has always fascinated the young and the young at heart. That it involved real life adventures adds more to its “dangerous” appeal.

Student have unique problems though, that affects the formation and cultivation of interest in the outdoor life. For one, their time is always primarily for their studies and long vacations is quite uncommon. Moreover, they don’t have complete control of their “free time” as this is really the say of their parents or guardians. The second problem is the lack of money for this extreme activity, especially among the students whose family have incomes just barely enough for basic things in life.

These two problems are rooted into to misconceptions about mountaineering and other outdoor sports. That mountaineering and outdoor sports are for those who does nothing else and those who have money to spend. Perhaps, unknowingly, such misconception came from the observed lifestyles of mountaineers who love so much the outdoor life, they devoted their life living outdoors. But these are rare nowadays. It is always somewhere in the spectrum and the balance between the two. It’s like wanting something for yourself that you enjoy so much, you have to buy it with time and save money for it. And that’s were it all boils down to.

Next: What students can do to enjoy outdoor life and mountaineering while still maintaining very good academic standing.

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