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How to enjoy a Lake Sebu zipline adventure

Aside from the sudden adrenaline rush, there’s more to this famous zip line adventure than you won’t get anywhere else. But firstly, unlike what me and Joy did about a month ago, plan to the max!

This zip line is located a top a mountainous areas  and is hovering above four of Lake Sebu’s famous (Dongon) Seven Falls. That’s about 3-5  km long, rough road from the town proper.   If you plan to zip, make sure you bring a  4 x 4 vehicle with you or if you don’t have one, hire  a motorcycle (habal-habal) from the town proper. There’s a fixed rate for this motorcycle ride and make sure, you ask the driver to wait for you at the other end of the zip!

Joy and I traveled to Lake Sebu on a car, so we have to leave our vehicle at the Mountain Log resort and hire a habal-habal to chauffeur us . We also made arrangements to the resort owners to cook dinner for us when we get back from the zip adventure. It was almost 2pm when we arrive and after we finish the zip,  I’m sure our energy are all spent!

At the zip line starting point, make sure you register and ask when is your turn to zip. If there’s a long queue,  you may use the time to explore the second of the seven waterfalls just a bit further from the starting point. When me and joy went there for a look, there’s this muddy stockpile that blocked our path  that  inhibited us from going closer to the fall’s catch basin.  We were lucky though get some decent photos at the bridge.

Back to the zip.

To get the most of your adventure, I recommend you bring a camera or a video cam but make sure its tied up to your body. Anything falling off that cable line is gone for good.  No kidding. Set the camera properly for fast moving photos. If you zip in tandem (side by side), make sure you decide who takes the camera and who’s going to video cam the scenery and your adventure. It’s also an advantage if you decide earlier which one will focus on whichever side during the zip.  Frequently moving video cams  results  in dizzying videos. It’s no good either.

Okay. Be afraid . But shout only according to your gender. It’s not nice to hear the man in you shouting in falsetto. The zip will give away your closet.

During landing , never hyper extend your neck or put your camera in front of you. A loud thud in the head might just signify, a broken camera or worse, a skull. Yes, the sudden stop will cause a whiplash injury if your not careful.

You may request nicely for the zip crew to take photos of you as you “land” on the other side of the zip. They could even repeat your landing sequence just so you have cool photos!  Again, set up the camera for the crew to just press the shoot button. They’re zip crews for chrissakes!

After disembarking from the zip harness, thank the crew and ask directions where should you go next. There’s a ledge near the landing site where you can get photos of those zip  lining  after you.  Just don’s stand in front of their landing site!

There’s a second, shorter zip on your way back, but this shouldn’t pose any stress on you. Just repeat the thoughts  I’ve enumerated above.

After the final zip, make sure you visit the first but most grand of the seven falls. This falls offers the best spots for waterfalls pictures. The area near the catch basin is mist laden and typically wet, so make sure your cam, and you,  get some “wet”protection. No, the water is really not fit for swimming.

So that’s it. If you want to see the other falls, it’ll probably  take you another day or two. But that’s another  how-to I guess. Next time of course!

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  2. Bundok says:

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    @Blogie, sa photos lang yan. Lake Sebu’s Zip Line is actually one of the smoothest zips I tried. (I’ve tried quite a few). Besides, it offers a spectacular view of the nearby falls, which is unique for this zip.

    Merry xmas too!

  3. Blogie says:

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    Wow!! The photos are wonderful… but they make me feel even more scared to try the zipline! 😀 Actually I’ve tried them in Davao already, several times, but it looks like what they have in Lake Sebu is much more intimidating…

    See you around, Bonedoc! Merry Christmas!

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