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November 20, 2009 Comments (2) Outdoor Tips, Upcoming Events

Home roasted coffee on the road and into the mountains?

Caffeine kick the cold out of our freezing body. Almost all mountaineers believe in this like a mantra. In the several times I’ve been trekking up the hills and shiver in the freezing temperatures of the peaks,  I’ve observed that coffee is an essential part of  any outdoor lover’s drinks menu. From the usual instant coffee sachets, to the strong aroma of kapeng barako or any form that will fit inside the backpackers sack. Hot coffee work like a charm in the mountains. Especially when its darn freezing up there. But home roasted coffee? On the road and high up in the mountains?
I was lucky a few months back two coffee lovers Bobby Timonera and Bob Martin introduced me to home style coffee roasting via Coffee 101. Essentially, Coffee 101 for me  is doing the passion first then reading the coffee stuff thereafter. Or so I thought if you read my story here. Since then I got hooked and slowly assembled my basic home roasting and coffee travel kit. I tasted B and B’s like of coffee and I got addicted. To date I only roasted Bobok coffee beans from the stash of Bobby Timonera. Surely I will try to roast for this upcoming 15th mountaineering forum and climb on Mt. Malindang Oroquieta City. It’ll definitely shape my views about caffeine addiction in boondocks!

I’m a newbie to this and if you have better ideas, holler please!

2 Responses to Home roasted coffee on the road and into the mountains?

  1. Bobby says:

    wohoho!!! i left behind my coffee gear when going up mt. apo. i thought it would be too much work, and it was my first major climb. maybe in the next climb i should have my coffee paraphernalia. so, how's coffee up there in malindang?

  2. Gecarl says:

    I actually see to it that I have a cup coffee with me during our climbs… for me it is really a perfect fit when you have a cup of coffee at the mountain summit while appreciating the beauty of God's creation… More power to Mindanao Mountaineers!