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A doctor died while spelunking!

November 12, 2007 Comments Off on Few tips on how to spoil your trekking and caving adventure… Outdoor Tips, Wilderness Medicine & Injuries

Few tips on how to spoil your trekking and caving adventure…

I’m a full blown outdoor geek.And I’m beginning to evolve into a “fun loving and adventurous” caveman. But as I further plunge into this risky behavior, I noticed I’m getting more and more mistakes and less of enjoyment.

And I begin to ask, “why”? Did my level of satisfaction changed over time? Or was it really because I’m beginning to take much of responsible mountaineering and caving for granted?

The last trekking and caving adventure I joined opened my eyes to so many mistakes I took for granted. And indeed, I got less of the excitement and fun.

Here are my hard earned lessons of taboos in the wilderness. Maybe you can learn from them.

  1. Don’t get late for the agreed time of departure. Nobody likes the waiting game. Plus your grand entrance would be shamefully unpopular.
  2. Get your itinerary and climb details early on. So you know where your going and what to prepare. Aimless wander in the outdoor is an accident in the making.
  3. Clarify, not complain. And make sure your asking the right questions to the right persons. Otherwise, just shut up. This will ironically save your sanity.
  4. Put alcohol in your stomach, not in your head. Only fools admire people because of their alcoholic wonders. Even in the mountains.
  5. Bring your needed gears for climbing and trekking. Otherwise, you’ll loose a lot of chance to enjoy what’s in for the adventure.

Maybe you can add some…

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