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July 3, 2011 Comments (4) Featured, Gears & Equipments, Outdoor Tips

Buy original hiking bags for your safety!

The North Fake bag. Beware!

I’m not in anyway connected to any particular outdoor bag company but I’m seeing lot of fake backpacks (called The North Fakes) out there. (If you’re eager to learn how to differentiate a fake from an original TNF Bags, go to this site and read on.) I’m beginning to worry about the  safety of hikers using any of these fake backpacks. The main thing about these fakes are their durability and reliability when used on actual hikes. Of course it’s rare that you end up dead when using one of these fakes, but imagine the hassle and possible injuries you get when these bags gave way in the middle of a difficult ascent? I dare not think about it.

Conquer Navigator 35 Liter Daypack. I got the navy blue version of this.

Why not buy the original, sturdy bags made by local brands that have been tried and tested for years? And they’re much cheaper too! I’ve used quite a collection of hiking bags for years, ranging from the original, branded imported ones, the sturdy locally made bags, the fake copy cats to the original second hand bags you get in the ukay ukay stores. My original 40l Flight Series TNF and 35L Recon Day Pack is still in top shape up to now, despite being abused in countless climbs. It’s the fake ones that I feel really bad about. I did not find any use for them! What a waste.

The proliferation of such fake bags also soured my inclination to buy a new branded, sturdy bag. Unless you are a guru on fakes like this guy, you wont notice a thing between an original and a fake bag.

So I got one from Conquer Outdoors. Reliable, sturdy,  created for the average hiker without you losing an arm for its cost. What’s more? They offer a lifetime warranty for their bags! Just present your broken bag at their store.

Now that is what you call, a hiking pack!

4 Responses to Buy original hiking bags for your safety!

  1. Bundok says:

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    Tonio, I don’t know all the pricing for all of conquer’s bag. But what I got is something between 2k-3k only…

  2. tiara says:

    Chrome 13.0.782.220 Windows 7

    I use a bag from Conquer too, a bag that I bought 8 years ago, back when I was still in highschool. Tibay talaga.

    • Bundok says:

      Chrome 13.0.782.220 MacOS X

      Tiara, galing ng conquer bags no? My buddies are all conquer users… Naka ilang abuse na kami sa bundok nito pero hanggang ngayun ok pa rin.

  3. Tonio(nonoy) says:

    Chrome 12.0.742.0 Windows XP

    tag pla ang mga bag sir?
    plano ko buy ng bag, 4 december climb, ng bag ko ksi maliit. mas maganda if ang lahat ng gamit nasa inside ng bag… thanks and more power….