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June 24, 2010 Comments (3) Featured, Outdoor Blogging

The new bundok site is Hiker’s Itch!

(But I’m maintaining Talakudong Mountaineer as the official Tacurong Mountaineers and Adventure Club (TAMAC) website.)

I’ve been mulling over owning a domain ( and a self hosted wordpress blog (Hiker’s Itch) ever since I started blogging.  And so after soul searching, funds pooling and many days of WordPress tweaking, I finally arrived at my new site, Hiker’s itch.

Why Hiker’s Itch?
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The name popped during one blog title brainstorming with Ligaya. Aside from its scratchy meaning, “itch” as a noun, mean “a strong desire to go somewhere” much like my urge to go travel or climb somewhere. The title stuck because it’s catchy.And brand-able, I think.

What should I expect from Hiker’s Itch?

Just like how I’ve been blogging before, expect a very personal and conversational blog articles from Hiker’s itch. A lot of my articles are taken from my outdoor adventures. This time, I plan to post more photos (to capture moments better) and increase reader interactivity through linking, discussions, networking and commenting. Some advertising is also implemented in the blog. Guest posting will also be allowed in the future.

Finding your way through my blog structure

I’ve changed theme and layout from my previous blogger blog. The subdomain blog and the Blogger blogging platform, extolled too much of my time on coding alone. WordPress really eases most things out, now I can say. If you noticed, my blog layout is built almost entirely around categories (e.g. events, tips, mountains). My post are lumped into useful and relevant outdoor  “categories” for easy reader browsing. Click the category you want and all posts under that will be shown with an image header. You can also use the search function at the topmost bar on the right. There’s a whole new Archives Page if you want to browse through all my posts categorized into months and years. A tag cloud is also provided in the side bar for easy post tagging. On each post, an FB like and post to FB or twitter meme is added for easy social network sharing of posts. You are encouraged to use this liberally! Related posts are automatically generated for the same categories as the post you are reading. A threaded commenting system is also implemented. An RSS feed subscription widget is provided after the post. And,..there are more ease of use hacks to come! Cool, huh?

What do I expect from you, my dear readers?

Read, comment, subscribe, interact and come back as often as you can. I’m also requesting my blogger friends and web admins to please update your feeds and links to this blog Hiker’s Itch ( If you want to exchange links with my blog, feel free to comment here or email me your site and a link to your site or outdoor related post in your site.

More to come.

As I am  very much “itchy” about blogging and outdoors, expect many more improvements from this author and blog. So please stay ‘tuned”. Subscribe to my feed and get hold of the latest from this blog! or you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter or Plurk.

I thank you all for your continued patronage.


3 Responses to The new bundok site is Hiker’s Itch!

  1. Bundok says:

    Firefox Windows 7

    @Ayel, thank you for coming over my blog, will update my links with your blog url soon.
    @Gay , oh yes, wordpress is so much..well, addictive. Thanks for dropping. Will link up your blog too,in my travels’ kitchen?hehhe.Like the tinolang manok post…masubukan sa bundok..

  2. Gay says:

    Chrome 5.0.375.70 Windows XP

    Welcome to WordPress! Here’s to more lakwatsa 🙂

  3. Ayel says:

    Firefox Windows XP

    Congrats, doc! 😀