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19 Signs You’re a Hiker By Heart

  • You know places only because there’s a mountain to climb in or around that area
  • Your bucket list of places to go have mountains written all over it.
  • Your second home is somewhere inside a forest located several hundred feet above sea level.
  • You carry a tent, sleeping bag, cook set, water canister and headlamp inside you backpack. Or in the trunk of your car.
  • You use garbage bags to keep your clothes and gadgets dry.
  • Your backpacks have rain covers even if it isn’t raining.
  • You can neatly put all your (climbing) stuff inside a back pack in less than ten minutes.
  • You think Zip locks and condoms are the best waterproofing materials ever made.
  • Trek shorts/ pants and dry fit/cotton shirts are your best casuals.
  • Bandanas, shoals, scarf and towels mean one and all the same to you.
  • You wear leggings and arm bands under your trekking apparel.
  • You only use three types of footwear- trek shoes, trek sandals and slippers.
  • You buy everything in an a mall called outdoor shop.
  • Your best form of transportation is hiking or hitch hiking.
  • Your best photos are usually with the clouds, the sunrise/sunset and everything else is below.
  • You can sleep comfortably anywhere but inside your house.
  • Comfort room is never a problem when you are outdoors.
  • You hang out with people who deny they have, all of the above!

5 Responses to 19 Signs You’re a Hiker By Heart

  1. Rafael Shiroma says:

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    I noticed you don’t have an arcticle about ecotourism in Brazil…
    It’s actually something I can write for your as a guest blogger.
    Let me know if you are interested =)


  2. Tupe Diaz says:

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    tama gid, doc! feeling mountaineer na gid ko ya… hehe

  3. Shinxshai AlcazarJava says:

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    ayos doc ah. . namingaw naa nuon kog bukid 🙁

  4. Kathleen says:

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    nice one doc! 🙂 additional pd.. you lose your kikay-ness all because of this hehehe