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November 7, 2008 Comments Off on Talakudong Mountaineer "shouts" – MBS2 Rock! Outdoor Blogging

Talakudong Mountaineer "shouts" – MBS2 Rock!

As lifestyle blogger, my turn to “shout” for MBS2‘s “tips from niche bloggers” of Mindanao turned insanely well, unexpectedly.¬† The bored MD who went into the wilds for thrills burning belly fat (ala Madagascar?) suddenly had his fifteen minutes of shame. Hell yeah!

Thanks Bariles. But yes, for some forsaken reason I’m a thrill seeking outdoor geek who happen to be “cursed” with¬† compulsive writing aspirations and an unlimited DSL connection. God bless Mindanao and the blogosphere..

Bone Doc with Hector Minoza ( Writing Edge ) one of the summit speakers

Seriously now….

To those who listened to my “talk” at Second Mindanao Blogging Summit last Oct 25, 2008, thanks so much. To those who have not, I hope you did so because there weren’t any coffee left in the dispenser during those unholy hours of the summit!

Bone Doc with Ligaya (Thoughts of a Perennial Wanderer), an inspiration. Read Ligaya’s MBS2 experience here!

To the summit organizers, The Usual Supects (headed by Blogie being the democratic gang leader) , SocCSKgen Bloggers headed by Bariles, you guys deserved a standing ovation for a summit well planned and orchestrated. The loudest applause and accolades goes to the Mindanao Bloggers who participated in the the summit.

You guys rock!!!

Here’s the Video that used my talk as a backdrop for their video clip! Whatta!

For more MBS2 story, head on to Ligaya’s MBS2 experience (Click here)!

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