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Saranggani: My Sex Tour Tres adventure starts here!

In the SEx Tour (short for SoCCSarSKGen Experience Tour)  tradition, our adventure started off with a healthy, mouthwatering breakfast at Cressings. The long travel to Maitum is rewarded by one delicious breakfast meal right there at Cresildas Food Place. I’ve been to Cressings three times already and bought some of their healthy products during those visits. But I crave for their fried bangsi most, even if I had several servings every time we go back to this place. I’m not really sure if it’s in the ingredients, the preparation, cooking or maybe all those, but  the laid back backdrop of an early morning breakfast makes you feel eating delicious and nutritious food right inside your own home!

Breakfast at Cressings/Cresilda Food products! (Photo credits to Leah Valle, Tiara Mejos and Fitz Villafuerte)

After breakfast we headed straight into the municipal hall to visit our gracious host, the ever smiling MaitumMayor Elsie Lucille Perrett. We also visited their famed mini museum, get wowed by the authentic anthropometric jars dating back to 300BC and get amazed byt the rare (and real) T’boli dresses and ornaments displayed inside this museum!

Visits to the Municipall Hall of Maitum, meeting Mayor Perret and her husband, the anthropometric jars at their mini museum..

What moved me though is seeing for the first time a Pawikan Sanctuary  and releasing young “pawikans” along the beach. Largely symbolic, doing the act might help spread the awareness on the conservation efforts of this endangered specie. In all, only 3 out of 100 newly bred pawikans survive till maturity. So this pawikans need all the help everyone can offer.

Pawikan sanctuary in Maitum Saranggani.(Top left photo credits to Dr. Charles Ortiz)

Then the SEx Tourists went water tubing at Pangi River in Maitum. This unique water tubing fun on this river rapid never cease to amaze me. So does Manny Paquiao and the rest of my family who have been here not so long ago. You gotta do that water tube ride, again and again. This time though, I just took photos. My next  ride will be sometime on my next visit here.

The next stop was a new discovery for us.  IML ECO PARK,  sits on top of mountain inBarangay Lumasal, Maasim town that has an astounding view of Saranggani’s beach side. The restaurant, bar, resort, swimming pool and firing range is a haven for the adventurous scenery hunters. And yes, they’ve got this zipline, going down the foot of another mountain. How cool is that? The place is owned by Mr. Jojo Lopez and Haydee Lopez and our busog lunch was graciously provided by Maasim Mayor Jose Zamorro. Of course I tried their zip, and is pretty amazing experience for newbies! You can view more of IML’s place here at their Facebook page.

IML Eco Park : All the adventures you want (Top right photo credits to Leah Valle)

Most of the afternoon we spent basking at Lemlunay Dive Resort at Barrio Tampuan, Brgy Kamanga, Maasim, Sarangani Province. I’ve been here once but this time, we went snorkeling in the nearby coral reefs. You don’t need to go further and you’ll see schools of fish in different colors and species. But if you do dive here, you’d probably see many more dazzling sea creatures! We stayed longer in their infinity pool, taking advantage of the warm soothing pool water and great scenery just in front of us. You can even stay the rest of the day (or night) here and just go relaxing!

Splash, dive, snorkel or just chill out insiode Lemlunay’s Dive Resort! (Top Left photo credits to Mark Cabrerra)

The last leg of our Saranggani tour was another surprise and uncommon pit stop – Fort Kalinawan, a military camp. Nope, we didn’t do something bad or got marooned there at that fort. The gentlemen and women in uniform inside the camp just showed us how they win battles without firing a single shot.(Okay, I got that from Shin Tzu’s the art of War). Using a different kind arm, munition and tactics. That is, peace and community building. And they are turning their military camp into an eco tourism park! Yes, and I think it is quite right. You don’t need fortifications to build peace and invite friends. Build a peaceful and relaxing park. That’s what the men and women of 173rd IB is doing in Fort Kalinaw. And oh, they gave us rides over those monster tanks around the Fort! Cool!! Check our pic below. Yes, reminiscent of EDSA!

Fort Kalinaw relaxation regimen.Laban ka? (Center photo courtesy of Tiara Mejos)

Our night was capped with a sumptuous dinner at Mei Lih Restaurant located inside Phela Grande Hotel, Magsaysay Avenue, General Santos city. What a relaxing way to dine! But relaxing does not include our stomachs especially with their stuffed cookies(with quail eggs and shripms) and shabu-shabu. Had one good dinner here! Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Helen Angderson!

Dinner at Mei Lih Restaurant was awesome!

Here’s a run down of what we did in Saranggani and our gracious hosts!

  • Breakfast Place – Cresing’s Food Products owned by Ms. Beth Ramos
  • Breakfast  by Maitum Mayor Elsie Lucille Perrett
  • Maitum LGU SITE:  www.maitum.gov.ph
  • Tourism Officer – Arlex Narte
  • Tourist Spot 1:  Pawikan Sanctuary, Old Poblacion, Maitum, Sarangani
  • Tourist Spot 2:  White Water Tubing, Pangi River, Brgy New La Union, Maitum, Sarangani
  • Snacks by Jo-Ann’s Bakeshop
  • Lunch Place – IML ECO PARK, Barangay Lumasal, Maasim, Sarangani Province owned by Mr. Jojo Lopez and Haydee Lopez
  • Lunch by – Maasim Mayor Jose Zamorro
  • Facebook: IML Eco Park
  • Snacks Place – Lemlunay Dive Resort, Barrio Tampuan, Brgy Kamanga, Maasim, Sarangani Province
  • Snacks/Snorkeling/Infinity Pool courtesy of – Mr. Paul Partridge
  • Site: www.lemlunayresort.com
  • Pitstop – 173rd Infantry Batallion, Barrio Tampuan, Brgy Kamanga, Maasim, Sarangani Province
  • Batallion Commander Lt Col Adolfo Espuelas Sr.
  • Site:  www.37ib.blogspot.com
  • Dinner:  Mei Lih Restaurant at Phela Grande Hotel, Magsaysay Avenue, GenSan
  • Dinner by Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Helen Angderson
  • Site:  www.phelagrandehotel.com

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