Why I’m Joining the 1st Mindanao Bloggers’ Summit

August 27, 2007 Comments Off on New blog for the outdoor bummer! Outdoor Blogging

New blog for the outdoor bummer!

Yes, BoneDoc is back with another blog, in his alter ego namesake Bundok. Too much experimenting with templates and content? Yes, if only to make my blog better and give my readers worthwhile stuff about outdoors and mountaineering. And here is what you may get from it:

  • Better template composition and design for easy reading
  • News and recent events related to outdoors, environment and mountaineering
  • Climbers of the week featuring the men and women that scaled the hinterlands and back.
  • Health tips for the climbers-probably as scientific as I could research
  • In depth content of outdoor news and mind you including gossips

In return I just wish you’d all enjoy from my blog, learn something from it and get the feel of saving an endangered environment without missing the “fun” out of it.

Better yet you can join my various polls, quizzes, and leave suggestions on my email on ways to improve this blog! Have fun!


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