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November 8, 2008 Comments Off on MBS2 Aftermath: Tacurong Mountaineer went sight seeing at Gen Santos City Outdoor Blogging

MBS2 Aftermath: Tacurong Mountaineer went sight seeing at Gen Santos City

Not so long ago, my boring high school calendar is occasionally peppered with “field trips” to Gen Santos City. Those field trips were intended to “educate” the dumb ass barriotic adolescents of what’s out there in the city that needs knowing- like mall hopping and beach bumming. I have been to Gensan many times since then, but not again as a geeky, desolate probinsyano ogling for the city life. Until today…

The MBS2 organizers (Bariles, the fun architect of MBS2) concocted a “Gensan Tour” for the willing MBS2 blogger participants. Me and Ligaya, happen to be on the fun mode of place hopping and time wasting. So, why not try this field trip of camera totting bloggers? The hundred bucks might go deeper than the rabbit hole we all knew too well!

The first stop is the huge fish port complex home to the Gen San GiantsTuna. Yeah, yeah nothing new, been here, saw those, blah blah. Until I hopped into one “parked” boat with fishermen dismembering a huge tuna catch. Sanamagun! They’re all waiting for the perfect shot! Hahahaha!

My journalistic attempts at getting scoops must have turned my instincts into shit crap. Look here. I seemed to be the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yaiks! I’m getting off here!

Oh, this one caught my attention at the fish port office. A real deal “inbox” fit for anyone’s email. Tsk, tsk, tsk. No need for WIFI..

Send my emails here…

And then, we went off to this spectacularly located no frills rendezvous called Saranggani Highlands. Its locate din the highlands and it is in Gen San. Something wrong with that?

Hopefully, I’ll have someplace like this 10 light years from now…

The picturesque place awed the field trip mongers to no end. But I hope the place’s CEO will give their canteen crew a short  course on arithmetic or they’ll loose customers to plain “duh!”

The ‘jester’ exiled in Saranggani Higlands, with Bone Doc and San Mig Lights…Whata a way to be exiled huh?

“We should see “Pambansang Kamao‘s house!” I suspect we’d be seeing the lavish homes of you know who and not the champ himself. Of course the reported 6M boxing gloves pool itched our envious monikers for luxurious architectural disasters. I don’t care really .But I wanted to sneak in and see his big bikes. It was off limits I learned. “Go away!”

It’s not the fight club. Just fighting over Pacman’s best shot…

I got a calendar of Pacman and his family, plus endless pictures taken at his “hall of winning photos”. Better, I guess…

Except for the one person in the photos I wished where knocked off her office. In 2010.

Then, Pacific Seas. The tuna’s final resting place before they’re brought to the cooking kits and frying pans. The best place to hunt for frozen sea creatures when your afraid of the huge mother of fish tuna.

Yeah Gen San! Just scrap Tropicana Beach resort’s giant bangaw!!! They might rival Gen San’s Tuna Capital throne!

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