“Live simply, stay healthy, adventure often, and hike farther.”

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Who is the Bonedoc?

Meet me, Remo Aguilar. I’m a Tacurong City  native who traded urban life for a rural orthopedic practice and  a lifetime of exploring outdoors,  hiking less crowded trails, shooting landscapes and waking up on a beautiful southern sunrise. I started hiking mountains and chasing outdoor in 2007, then got hooked to blogging and photography thereafter.  I culled a life of simple living, healthy lifestyle and sense of adventure from all of these.

More than just an off work diversion, adventure is a lifestyle for me.  I go on outdoor adventures because it actually boost my work productivity.  It also  relieves me of work related stresses that is inherent of my day job.


What is Hiker’s Itch?

We call adventurers “itchy feet” because of their inability to stay put in a place. They’re always roaming, exploring to “scratch that itch” for adventure.

Hiker’s Itch is a brand dedicated to twenty/ thirty something yuppies who wanted to pursue a lifestyle of outdoor adventures despite  having a day job. Unless you have a bottomless bank account to finance your adventure, I suggest you get or maintain your day job and tweak it to support your chosen lifestyle.  Yes, Hiker’s Itch does not recommend dropping off your day job and wander aimlessly at the outdoors. Although, sometimes that is exactly where you find yourself at.

Contrary to the notion that I am a rich, bored bone surgeon looking for “adventures” to waste time and money, I’m neither. Most of my outdoor travels are shared with average wage earners and yuppies. That means we rarely go on outdoor splurges that make holes on our pockets and savings. Meaningful and reasonable adventures does not necessarily require excessive spending.

Those meaningful, reasonable adventures and how I/we were able to achieve it is what I’m sharing in this blog.

Want to know more about Remo Aguilar?

I was born in Ramcor (now SK Pendatun) Buluan Maguindanao but raised in Tacurong City Sultan Kudarat. I didn’t travel outside Tacurong until after high school when I studied Biology in UP Visayas in Miagao Iloilo.  After graduating from Medicine in UP Manila and obtaining a residency training in Orthopedics from PGH in 2005, I got hooked to the outdoors and climbing. So much so that I decided to go back to a rural practice in my hometown and began pursuing a life of outdoor adventures.

Since 2007, I climbed mountains in the Philippines , travelled solo to less known places or with partners, and shot sunrise with photography buddies. I lost count of the mountains or outdoor places I went to, but never of the memories it gave me. I crave for more. I’m a sucker for summits and peaks,  trekking with my favorite cargo pants  and my anti histamines. I’m making my life more interesting and inspire you to go out and find that adventure you’ve always been “itching” for.

You can find my adventures on: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM |FACEBOOK | FLICKER

Want to work with Hiker’s Itch? 

I welcome business and organisations as sponsors or affiliates. If you would like to work with Hiker’s Itch, please feel free to contact me . I am open to trip sponsorship, gear or product testing.  As an independent blogger, I  will always provide unbiased reviews and will always be loyal to my audience. I am also available for freelance content gigs, reviews and guest blog posts.

If you’d like to get in touch about potential working partnership, feel free to drop me an e-mail at remoaguilar(at) gmail (dot) com.

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