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January 27, 2008 Comments Off on Trekking Summit :Top 3 blog treks! Mountains & Peaks

Trekking Summit :Top 3 blog treks!

An exciting trek of all the mountaineering, backpacking, caving, river trekking or just about anything outdoors. Updated weekly, it is a compilation of the best outdoor/travel blog based on the author’s subjective choice, relevance of the post, and the frequency of updates.

  1. Homeward Bound : Day 1: Start of the Journey recants the plunge of Ariel Lalisan a 20 year old public school teacher,in a “weapon” (more commonly a dumptruck to mountaineers) into the far flung town of Kiangkos, Saranggani to hand gifts to children that live there. In Day 2: Trek to Kiangkos, ariel and company got spell binded by the river, and rock formations they passed through to reach Kiangkos proper. Gift giving and fun for the kids happened on Day 3: The Big Day for people of Kiangkos where difficult is the trek for them, the heartwarming smiles of parents and kids lifted their spirits on their way homeward.
  2. Ivan About Town: He never was frustrated this time. Armed with his mighty camera and an uncontrollable urge to conquer Mt. Pinatubo, Ivan Henares, along with his eager buddies, trooped to the once angry volcano and swam on its cold lake. The nasty terrain destroyed his shoes, perhaps reminding him of the ghastly anger of this volcano. So you want a volcanic sand shower?
  3. Pinoy Mountaineer: Despite the fact that mountaineers are known to be resilient against any given weather while on trek, no sane trekker will head towards any boon dock in a face of a violent storm. A clear, sunny sky can give you astounding landscape shots but a heavy rainfall might cause landslides, flash floods or for spelunkers, close the entrance to a cave. That is why Gideon Lasco of Pinoy Mountaineer included a WEATHER FORECAST on all his climbing itineraries. This will actually come in handy for anyone planning to conquer any peak on any time!

There it goes, this week’s best of trekking blogs. If you think there’s another blog I missed out, please feel free to add to the post via comments. I’ll gladly update the list!

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