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Mt. Matutum, Tupi South Cotabato


( Note: I wrote this itinerary years ago with an outdoor photographer and hiker in mind. Yep, me. I’m not a travel or tour agency so I don’t do bookings/ referrals and I don’t have answers to every questions you have. Lastly, everything about this places is on Google anyway, so please do a proper search to answer your questions. Have fun!)

Location Details
Latitude/Longitude: 6°22’N, 125°06.5’E
Elevation: 7,523 ft / 2,293 m
Location: Tupi, South Cotabato
Weather: Generally wet all throughout the year. Heavy rains is the rule near the peak.
Climb Fee:P150.00 is collected with a P10 fee for tree seedlings at the tourism office

Known Jump-off Sites:
(1) Sitio Glandang, Brgy. Kablon, Tupi;
(2) Sitio Keumang, Brgy. Cannery, Polomolok;
(3)Sitio Kinilis, Polomolok

Mt. Matutum is that majestic, cone shaped mountain rising up to 2,293 meters above fields of pineapple in Tupi South Cotabato. Known to have last erupted centuries ago, it is considered an active volcano. It’s an ecotourism spot and climbers are required to plant a seedling in designated areas in the foot of the mountain before embarking on any climbing activity. Hence the ecotourism term “Amyak Maleh Matutum!” or Climb and Plant Matutum!

The first leg of the climb is an hour’s hike from DENR Guard house passing through rolling hills of vegetable plantations towards the First Camp at the foot of the mountain. The first camp (Campo Uno)  is where the entrance to the mountain and water source is located.  Another hour of trek from this camp to another clearing (unofficially Campo Dos) is the entrance to the  dense mossy forest of Mt. Matutum. From this clearing to the summit is another 4 hours of trekking through dense mosy forest, decades old trees with humungous roots and vines covered with mosses. Orchids hang high on tree branches and bird species can be seen along the trail.

On a clear sky, the summit Peak 3 offers a 360-degree view of the mountains surrounding Mt. Matutum namely Mt. Parker (NW), the Daguma ranges, and the majestic Mt. Apo (NE). On a clear night the peak also offers awesome views of the lighted General Santos City, Koronadal, and Polomolok.

Fitness and Training Considerations:
Days to Peak: 1 day
Trek Hours: 6-7 hours uphill or inclined mostly with little or no rolling hills type of trek/hike.
Backpack weight: 10-15% of body weight
Training Prep: Jogging, Swimming- Cardio work up; Cross-training: Bike/Walk
Climate Prep: Cold acclimatization for warm climate dwellers

Point of Origin to Jump Off: Bus/Vans/Jeeps from Gensan, Davao City, Koronadal City
Jump off sites to DENR Guard House: Passenger type Single Motorcycle (Habal-Habal) / Jeep (for groups)


Food Sources/ Market:
Vegetable grown by farmers are irregularly available for sale near the foot of the mountain.
Wet and Dry Market is located at the town proper of Tupi and Polomolok.

Climb Guides
Paid guides are available upon request at the tourism office. Guides are also available from jump off site/ baranggay / or upon inquiry from the DENR guard house but is not officially recommended by tourism office. Porter guides also available but is paid separately from the trail guides. Guides are rotated and raffled so make sure you get one Tourism/ DENR sanctioned guide.

Climb Safety is generally assured for as long as you coordinate your climbs with the local tourism office. It’s not advisable to bring expensive gadgets/valuables during climbs here. Rain protective gear and apparel are a must! It is best to bring around ~3L of water from foot of Mt. Matutum to peak. Peak water source is irregular.

Photography Tips:
Subjects/Backgrounds: Birds, Orchids (occasional), landscapes, Mossy forest, Peak View of Mts. Apo, Parker, Daguma Range

Gear Safety: Rain protection; Waterproofing
Lenses: Wide-Telephoto Zooms


Day 1
0700 Take bus from Gensan/Koronadal to Tupi, South Cotabato
0830 ETA Kablon Crossing, Tupi. Take habal-habal to Sitio Glandang
0900 ETA jump-off; register at DENR/ Guard House /Get Seedlings
0930 Tree planting
1030 Start trek to Camp Uno
1200 Lunch at Camp Uno
1300 Resume trek
1400 Rest at Campo Dos (Clearing)
1430 Resume Trek
1500 Trek Mossy Forest
1700 ETA summit of Mt. Matutum
1800 Dinner / socials / Night time Pictorials

Day 2
0600 Breakfast / Sunrise views /Pictorials
0700 Break camp
0800 Start descent
1200 Back at jump-off; Habal-habal to highway
1300 Take bus back to  GenSan / Koronadal


Particulars / Details
Number of Climbers: 4 – 6 pax

Environmental/Registration Fees: Php150.00/pax
Seedling Fee: Php 10.00/seedling

Guide Fee: Php 500.00 guide/ day -one guide per group of 6 people
Porters: Php 500.00/porter/day

Transportation/ Fares
Airfare : Manila/Ilo-Ilo/Cebu to Gensan ~ Php 2,500.00 – 4,000.00/Pax CP/AP/PAL (subject to change)
BusFare : Davao-Gensan Bulaong Terminal: ~ Php 195.00/Pax
Gensan-Crossing Kablon (Tupi) ~ Php 45.00/pax (Non Aircon usually)
Koronadal-Crossing Kablon (Tupi) ~ Php 50.00/pax
Habal-Habal : Crossing Kablon- DENR Guard House ~Php 50.00/pax

Meals Expenses: 2 Carenderia meal & 4 Camping style = 6 meals x ~ php 50.00/ meal

  • Lightly shaded sun glasses
  • Bush hat.
  • Dry (long/short sleeves) Fit shirts and Trek Shorts/Pants.
  • Trek Warmers/leggings for those who wear Trek Shorts; Arm Bands
  • External Jacket w/ hood or Lightweight raincoat
  • Gloves.
  • Thermal underwears.
  • Sun cream above 30 SPF.
  • Thermal socks (2 pairs)
  • Lightweight hiking boots/shoes
  • Head Light for climbing/ Night trek at peak
  • T- shirts, full sleeve shirts and casual pair of clothes.
  • Tent*
  • Cooking utensils/Plate/S&F*

*Optional, but maybe shared if your trekking with a group.


The author previously climbed this mountain and has written his personal accounts during this climb in this blog post.

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