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Proposed Mt. Kalatungan-Mt. Wiji Traverse Photo-Climb Itinerary

Update: Now I’m actually continually tweaking this itinerary to suit our planned photo-climb. As you all know by now, my hiking sorties nowadays are mainly for photo-climbs/hikes rather than race to peak or conquer. So expect  “tweaked” itineraries, slow paced hikes, lots of stops and prolonged hiking time. I will also be including a google map of this trek if i find one before this climb.

Here’s the proposed itinerary View of Mt. Kalatungan (Photo by Mijan Pizzaro)

View of Mt. Kalatungan (Photo by Mijan Pizzaro)

Mt. Kalatungan Traverse- Mt. Wiji Climb
Brgy. Mendis Pangantucan, Bukidnon

Entry/Exit point: Brgy. Mendis Pangantucan
Days required: 2-3 days
Climb difficulty: Major climb 9/10, Level III, Philippines’ 6th highest peak
Mountain features: Open trails, mossy forest, multiple “peaks”, a waterfall, ridge view of surrounding mountains

Pre Climb Concerns: Secure climbing permits early and coordinate with the Local Tourism office ahead of time for your climb. Safety and weather status inquiry is a must, although the tourism office assures of climbers safety all the time. Pre climb rituals by the local tribe is mandatory so prepare the essential requirements ahead of time. Start your climb early. Always ask the guides for water sources along the trail

Contact persons and their numbers are as follows:
Mr. Renato Sabado (Tourism Officer) – 0917-707-7805
Ms. Dahlia Villaro (Tourism Coordinator)- 0935-869-9121

Fees and guide/porter rates (as of April 2, 2013):
Mountain Park Permit = P200 (payable to Tourism Office, Municipal Hall)
Guide = P250/day (can carry a max 10kg load)
Porter = P250/day (max of 15 kg)
Plus white chicken for ritual

Climbing Cautions: Extreme cold temperature and heavy rains on moonsoon. Waters source limited to two sites (Camp 1 and peak) specially on summer season. Sometimes called “Mt. Kalatunga” by some local mountaineers because the “peak” may not be accessible during poor weather conditions. It’s considered one of the more difficult trails/climbs among Philippine’s peaks.

Day 1: Arrivals/Site Climb Preparations
05:30 AM-11:00 AM: Departure/ Travel from Tacurong/Davao City to Maramag
11:00 NN-12:00 NN: ETA Maramag, wait for climb mates , final logistic buys, ritual requirements (3 Native Chickens, White and Red Cloth, Candles)
12:00 NN-1:00 PM: Lunch break, Team meeting, final checking of logistics, securing of logistics
1:00 PM- 3:00 PM: ETD, travel time and ETA from Maramag to Poblacion Pangantucan
3:00 PM-4:00PM : Registration at Tourism office, courtesy call tourism officer/photo ops
4:00 PM – 6:00PM : Travel to Brgy. Mendis Brgy Hall, courtesy call, pitch tent, photo ops.
6:00 PM- 8:00 PM: ETA at Brgy. Mirayon, C baranggay ourtesy call to host tribe, dinner preparations
8:00 PM- 10:00 PM: Ritual proper, little socialization, lights off at 10:00PM

Day 2: Photo-climb to Summit
05:00 AM: Preparation, cook for breakfast and packed lunch (Photo interest: SUNRISE !)
06:00 AM: Breakfast, load plenty of water
06:30 AM: Start trekking an Open trail (Photo interests: farmland, grassland, river with bamboo ridge)
08:00 AM: Forest line (Photo interest: Mossy forest, flora and fauna-flowers, mushrooms, mossy trees)
10:00 AM: ETA Pig’s Backbone or “Buko sa Anay” (Photo interest: 2Km ridge of grassland overlooking Kalatungan Range)
12:00 PM: Lunch break (Photo interest: Muleta Falls)
01:00 PM: Resume trekking on alternating mossy forest and open trails, water source in between
03:00 PM: ETA Summit Mt. Kalatungan. Pitch tent, settle then photo sessions
06:00 PM: Cook for Supper then Eat
08:00 PM: Socials, photo sessions- Night photography
10:00 PM: Lights Out

Day 3: Photo Climb Traverse to Wiji (Lumpanag) Peak
4:30 AM: Wake-up Call
5:00 AM: Cook for Breakfast and Pack lunch
6:00 AM: Breakfast, Preparation, Call of Nature, Etc..
7:00 AM: Start Trek (to Wiji Summit)
9:00 AM: ETA WiJi Summit (Kitanglad Range visible)
10:00 AM: Start trek crossing 3 minor peaks
12:00 PM: Lunch break
1:00 PM: Start descend to Brgy. Mendis
3:00 PM: ETA Brgy. Mendis, tidy up, collect stuff, retrieve vehicles, courtesy goodbyes
4:00 PM: ETD for Malaybalay City
6:00 PM: ETD Malaybalay City/ CEDAR Park camp/Socials
10:00 PM: Lights Out

Day 4:  Bukidnon Adventours
(IT to follow)

Notes: The team has decide to bring only essential gears and personal belongings. Group equipments will be divided accordingly among climbers. Backpack weights should be within 10-15% of body weight. Not advisable to carry overhead and oversize packs in Mt. Kalatungan.

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