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The Mt. Kitanglad majestic surprise!

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Bukidnon Galore: A prelude to excitement.

It was a well planned adventure after all, except that, much of the excitement came from the “unexpected” twist and turn of events. This is about the people who made our Bukidnon galore an awesome experience to remember.

team BuTamacs

Of the original nine trekkers (Me, Chris, Sir Joy, Ian, Lemme, Jun, Kit, Denden, Raymund) from Tacurong, only two backpackers beat the odds of going to Bukidnon. Odds like, an emergency appendectomy for Sir Joy’s wife, Dayan; time and budgetary constraints for Ian, Denden and Raymund, and a prior important engagement for the Tequila Boys. Yayan is prioritizing her review class and Onin, in danger of losing his job. This made the decision of pursuing the planned Second Team BuDigUrong Spelunking and Waterfall Exploration, a very tough decision to make. But to fore go a commitment made to our friend Joanne (who made a huge effort of preparing for this trip and graciously serve as our host) is unthinkable. Someone has to go to Bukidnon. Chris and I decided to go. And thanks heavens we did!


It was originally a 3 day spelunking and waterfall hopping trip. Sumalsag Cave-Gantungan Falls-Naiilig Cold Spring – all in Bukidnon, is the original itinerary. But this changed even before we started our first exploration.

We were met by Joanne in Malaybalay, Bukidnon. Then Onin came from Davao after much coaxing and threats of miserable days without us. Surprisingly, more and more climbers joined our group, mostly trekkers from Bukidnon.


Fandy, Famboy, Jungky, Sasang, Maribel joined us in our spelunking inside Sumalsag Cave. During the bus ride (halfway to Sumalsag Cave) and seeing the spectacular silhouette of Kitanglad Range and Natural Park, the group suddenly made the decision to climb Mt. Kitanglad (one of the four peaks in the Kitanglad Range) the next day. Another twist in the IT! Thanks to cellphone technology we made reservations and got a permit to climb the same day. Jo’s bedmate, Maribel got a taste of climbing in Mt. Kitanglad. Karlo, Jumboy’s group, Mike-Mike et al. joined us in the peak of Mt. Kitanglad.


As the group went down Mt. Kitanglad, we went straight to Gantungan Falls. As a bonus we saw 2 more waterfalls (Natigbasan and Dila Falls) and frolicked in the cold waters of a man made pool just below the Gantungan series of waterfalls.


Chris and I is so happy we pursued our indulgence. We got more than what we wished for. More friends, spectacular views, cool waterfalls and a relaxing atmosphere. I cannot bargain for anything less.

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