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August 18, 2016 Comments Off on Enjoying the Splendid Libtong Cove in Cantilan Surigao Del Sur Featured, Lagoons, Marine

Enjoying the Splendid Libtong Cove in Cantilan Surigao Del Sur

Libtong Cove got my attention while reading Love Mindanao’s blog post about Cantilan. I find it intriguing that despite the jaw dropping scenery, there is paucity of information about Libtong Cove online. Maybe there isn’t that many outsiders who have been to Libtong Cove yet. I called Cathe Duero, a well loved and popular travel blogger from Surigao. Cathy said island hopping is the nicest thing to do when in Cantilan.   That sealed my decision for our next itinerary- exploring Cantilan and the splendid Libtong Cove of General Island!


After an uneventful overnight stay at Cagwait White Beach of Surigao Del Sur, we headed straight to Cantilan after breakfast. The boat operator I called up earlier fetched us in the newly built port of Brgy. Consuelo- the same baranggay where Cantilan’s famed wooden bridge is located.

After changing “hopping wears” and bringing our necessary gears, we charted a 4 island hopping trip capping it with an overnight stay at Libtong Cove.  The four Islands are Huyamao, General Island where Libtong Cove is located, Ayoke Island, Injakan Island, Sanctuary or Isla Encantada. Time constrained us to only Huyamao, Isla Encantada and Libtong Cove that day. Of this four, Libtong Cove made the lasting impression on me.

Libtong Cove marker right where boats dock

General Island is made up of four large blue lagoons connected by a series of rivers and separated by lush forest. Of these lagoons, only Libtong has been explored. Some of the river, lagoons and caves dotting this island remains a mystery even to the locals.

Serene Libtong Cove in the early morning

Libtong Cove in started as a fingerlings hatchery site years ago. Local tourists started coming to this cove to swim, the owner built wooden cabanas for visitors.
Slowly, Libtong Cove  evolved into some laid back, get away paradise you only see in high end beaches elsewhere, only cheaper and much much better.

An imposing log house towers on top a coralline islet guarding the entrance to the cove.

This islet is  connected by a wooden bridge to main General Islands.
 The calm, clear lagoon waters of Libtong is undoubtingly one of the best I have seen.

So clean and blue people love to jump again and again on this diving board!

Today Libtong Cove is complete with two diving boards, kayaks, boats, floating cabanas, and an awesome house you can stay overnight.

morning house

Yet the owner maintained it such a way the structures only reinforces (not replace) the natural beauty of Libtong Cove.


Not to miss this night time placidity, I decided to sleep on a hammock at the edge of the cove near our open cottage. At night the cove is eerily devoid of man made sounds, except the occasional overnighters who wanted to pierce the night time silence with their singing voices. By 9pm you can hear the wind as it howls, or the sea as it breathes.

The forest also whispers earthly sounds that one can only hear in rain forests.

I know because i slept on a hammock 🙂 All in all, this got to be one of the best island hopping I’ve been into in a while! Hoping top get back to this place sooner than later!

If your interested in going to this place, visit their facebook page here. Book ahead using this number +63946.342.7573 look for Sir Paul Flores. If you don’t have a boat operator yet for your island hopping needs, don’t hesitate to call Brendo Torejos at  +63921.729.5255.

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