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Two Day Asik-Asik Fallsventure in Upper Dado Alamada


( Note: I wrote this itinerary months ago with an outdoor traveller and photographer in mind. Yep, me. I’m not a travel or tour agency so I don’t do bookings/ referrals and I don’t have answers to every questions you have. Lastly, everything about this places are on Google anyway, so please do a proper search to answer your questions. Have fun!)

Upper Dado Fallsventure!

Itineraries for travellers and photographers who wanted to get lost :

Trip Details
Undoubtedly  one of  Southern Mindanao’s most sought after spots,  a visit to Asik Asik Falls is an experience too exciting to miss.

Be awed by a string of pristine, unexploited  falls and river system  in Upper Dado Alamada North Cotabato.

Stay in an inland resort in Dado, where a cold, flowing crystal clear water empties into a pool a few steps outside your room situated in a mini rice terraces.

Trip Highlights

  • Bathe in and experience wonderful curtain Asik-Asik Falls and/ or Baby Asik Asik Falls
  • Swim in the dam like rocks at Limbungan Falls and river 
  • Stay at an inland private resort situated in a mini terraces with a crystal clear private pool a few steps outside your living room!
  • Get a glimpse of the humungous but majestic Daday Falls *



A 3 day trip to Upper Dado Alamada North Cotabato inclusive of flight dates to Gensan Airport and land travel to Upper Dado is recommended. Prior arrangements may include other SoCCSarSKGen pit stops  in the itinerary to and from Gensan to Alamada.

  • DAY 1 – Arrival at Gensan Airport, land travel to Gensan City. Sox Pit stops.  Accommodations: Hotel in Gensan/Koronadal/ Tacurong
  • Day 2 – Early morning land travel to Alamada North Cotabato . Breakfast at Midsayap. Lunch at Asik-Asik Falls campsite. Meryenda at Limbungan Falls. Dinner at  Hidden Spring Inland Resort
  • DAY 3- Daday Falls* Travel back to SocCSarSKGen




Price is per person. Airfare Manila to/from Gen Santos/ Davao City, not included. Bus trip to and from GenSan/Davao City around Php275.00. Hotel accommodation ranges from Php 600.00 to 1,500.00 Php/ day,  single/double occupancy. Tricycle fare around a city is Php8.00 standard. Fees inside resorts and spots varies.

Group size
8–10 Pax/Adults

Asik Asik Falls Alamada
The grand Asik-Asik Falls

Activity Level

Easy- Moderate

Trips rated Moderate typically have 3-6 hours of activity per day, with hikes/walks less than 5 kms on mostly established trails at elevated terrains. Asik Asik Falls has a 300+ steps winding staircase. Be ready to gasp for air and burst your lungs. 🙂  Itineraries with swimming will have less than 10 meters swim of per day at Asik Asik Falls.


What To Expect

Accommodation Style
First night will be in a comfortable hotel. Second night will either be in a comfortable tent or an outdoor-ish hammock above a swimming pool. RTE will be served whenever available but camping cooked food will be the routine.

Accommodation in Hidden Spring Resort overlooking a beautiful mini rice terraces

Travel Logistics
Daypack logistics including camera/photo gears. You should come prepared to complete a 3 day fun tour at a relatively cold elevated location.  This adventure is not suitable for anyone who suffers from a respiratory, cardiac, or circulatory disorder or a disability that limits mobility. A signed medical form from your doctor will be required for participation. .

Photography Opportunities
There’s Asik-Asik falls itself, the Baby Asik Asik falls (header above), Limbungan River and falls (below), Hidden Resort, Mini Rice Terraces, and if you’re lucky Daday Falls.

Limbungan Falls and River

Again this is not for the regular tourist traveler. But I promise you if you are like me, this is fun!
  • Are you a “pit stop”, establishment owner or is just willing to showcase your business near and around SocCCSarSKGen?
  • Are you a travel blogger/social media promoteur and want to join this fun tours?
  • Are you a photographer and you want to photograph places in SoCCSarSKGen?
  • Or maybe you’re just an interested traveler who want to experience the SoX? This fun tour is for you!!

Drop me an e mail: admin@hikersitch.comand let see what we can do for you!


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