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January 25, 2016 Comments Off on Trekking the Mighty Casaroro Falls of Valencia Negros Oriental Featured, Lakes & Falls, Valencia

Trekking the Mighty Casaroro Falls of Valencia Negros Oriental

Casaroro Falls

Contrary to travel posts I read, going to Casaroro Falls in Valencia, Negros Oriental is a bit of a challenge.

Going to Casaroro Falls is a bit of a challenge because of the river trekking and distance involved. But the huge and mighty and almost two storey high falls is a sight to behold!

Unlike Pulang Bato Falls, the road to Casaroro Falls is mostly “rough”. There’s a 300 step stairs from the falls entrance to “warm you up” of the trek. I was catching my breath when I reached the bottom of this stair! Damn, what more if I’m going up later? The cemented trail and the hanging bridge of the remaining 45 minute trek (which previously made Casaroro an easy trek) was destroyed by a typhoon. These have yet to be repaired. There’s river trekking involved and boulders to hurdle. Bringing heavy photography gears makes the trek all the more difficult. I slipped twice, which luckily spared my camera but not my heavy butt. So if you’re not physically (and mentally) prepared for such trek, don’t.

But if you do, enjoy your moments near the falls. Casaroro Falls  is huge and mighty and almost two storey high! I took photos of the falls but its kind of difficult getting shot given the limited space and huge rocks obstructing your view.

I was warned by my guide about swimming near the falls. Two people drowned here in 2012.

I find Casaroro Falls eerie but I saw two foreigners coming so I swam while my guide looked closely. One of the foreigners swam near the catch basin. I hurriedly went out of water, thinking this is another accident in the making. Luckily, nothing happened. The two foreigners were just giggling after. My guide told me one of the foreigners was already a frequent visitor of this falls.

My way back to the entrance is even more difficult. I have to stop several times to rest. I still slipped twice (again)and got my pants and shirt all wet. Luckily, my camera bag was well padded and waterproofed but my tripod broke. I have to take a ten minute rest at the entrance after the 300 up the stair challenge!

Here’s a few tips when going to Casaroro Falls:

  • Allocate ample time for trekking. Three hours minimum.
  • Please wear appropriate outdoor clothing.
  • Expect to get wet.
  • A lightweight shoes with good traction will make river trekking easier.
  • Do not trek alone! Trail signs are sometimes misleading. There’s no cellphone signal . Your driver will most likely accompany you to the falls. Ask for another if he won’t.
  • Swim on the shallow areas of falls’ catch basin. Never at the deepest!

Lastly, enjoy the moment because on your way back, you’ll miss the cool waters of Casaroro falls!

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