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Getting “blued’ again at Hinatuan’s Enchanted River

July 31, 2016 Comments (0) Featured, Lakes & Falls, Outdoor Spots, Side Trips (Places to Visit), Surgigao del Sur, Top Stories

Finally, I’m back at the elusive Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig Surigao del Sur!

Tinuy-an Falls is a wide, three tier waterfalls located in Bislig, Surigao Del Sur. Considered a one of the more popular tourists attractions in Surigao Del Sur, it is not surprising that the place is teaming with people during summer and weekends. The falls and watershed  reservation is managed by the province of Surigao Del Sur, while the community, some of which are indigenous tribes like Manobos, man the different facilities inside the reserve.

Tinuy-an Falls

Tinuy-an Falls is a wide, three tier waterfalls located in Bislig, Surigao Del Sur. Considered a one of the more popular tourists attractions in Surigao Del Sur

Tinuy-an Falls eludes me, frankly.  It is farthest from my place , about 8 hours by land passing Davao province, Compostela Valley and San Francisco in Agusan Del Sur. The awespiring falls “transforms’ into a raging chocolaity mud falls during heavy rains and monsoon weather. I found that out last time I went here, where half of the place is submerged in mud water. While I made sure Tinuy-an Falls is part of my itinerary this time, it seemed reluctant to be photographed.  I forgot my tripod at home. I rarely leave my tripod at home mind you.

Nonetheless, I’m here. I just confirmed my hunch that the last time I went here, I was seeing the worst time for Tinuy-an Falls. Look at the beauty below!


There are open cottages inside but some of these structures needs repair already. There’s a wooden walkway bridge crossing the river to the other side of the falls. I used that bridge to gain access to left and front  side of the falls.

As I mentioned earlier, Tinuy-an Falls is a huge (and wide)  3 tier falls. You can climb up to the second level via a side trail and gaze at the view from there. I also read somewhere, Tinuy-an Falls produces “magical rainbows” in the morning. Both, I never had time to do in this trip.


The waters of Tinuy-an Falls is noticeably “small”.  The bottom rocks are visible, something god send for me. I got instant  “tripods”.   I wanted tophotograph Tinuy-an Falls  from the far away front and swim near the catch basins.  Slow shutter exposures are nearly impossible without a tripod but I managed to get some with the rocks and boulders as substitute. Swimming near the catch basin didn’t happen for me. I’m too afraid to swim alone!

Never explored much of Tinuy-an Falls surroundings. I got half of what I wanted in Tinuy-an Falls. That’s good enough for me. There are other spots in Bislig, the most popular one is their picturesque baywalk.

Bislig's baywalk.

Bislig’s baywalk.

I didn’t have time to explore the rest of spots in Bislig.

You wanna go to Tinuy-an Falls? Come during off, non rainy season like July.  Easiest would be with your own vehicle. Commute to this place is by a single motorcycle from Bislig town proper. There are no overnight accommodations inside Tinuy-an falls reservations. You have to find one in either Bislig town proper or Hinatuan if you’re spending the night nearby.

I recommend looking at the weather before going to this place, as the falls isn’t accessible during stormy weather.  Ultimately, Tinuy-an falls should be a part of your Surigao del Sur escapades.

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