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Take a dip at the icy waters of T’daan Kini Falls in Lake Sebu

I’ve heard of this icy cold mini water falls somewhere in Lake Sebu but never really had a chance of going there until this SEX Tour II. I’ve been to the beautiful Mahel Falls in the heart of Lake Sebu’s jungle before, and I almost thought there’s no other falls near the area that could equal its icy cold waters and scenery.   I was wrong, on some particular points. Thanks to Lake Sebu Tourism and its staff for guiding the SEX Tour-ists, to this must-dip-falls and stream of Lake Sebu.

The 45 minute criss crossing trekking trail to T’daan Kini Falls is littered with lush landscapes and idyllic log bridges hanging above a winding  river. I recognized the trail before which at one point further forks to a separate trail that we used in getting into MahelFalls. On our way, we also passed through a local t’boli community with wood carvers and artists doing their usual wood carving routine.

Lake Sebu T'boli wood carvers and handicrafts artists...

T’daan Kini Falls is a  wide type of falls, characterized by relatively short, multi-step cascading mini falls and shallow catch basins. Boulders of rock guards and litter its gushing stream of icy water. The canopy of trees hovering above these falls and river evoke an cold humidity. The water is totally chilly cold of course! The vegetations around it is characteristically green, and lay untouched for quite some time already according to our guides.

T'daan Kini's mini falls ...

I am supposed to get good pictures of this falls but I dived instead into the cold waters of T’daan kini rather than hold my camera! Glad I did! (There’s a dozen others totting their cameras anyway!)

So if you’re heading to Lake Sebu one of these days, you might try T’daan Kini Falls for another of you adventure. You may contact Municipal Tourism Office of Lake Sebu for more info! And don’t ever forget, take a dip at the icy cold waters of T’daan Kini!


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