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November 11, 2008 Comments Off on Stop devirginizing The "Virgin Falls"!!! Lakes & Falls

Stop devirginizing The "Virgin Falls"!!!

I hope I got your attention and “the attention” to this magnificent Virgin Falls in Kapatagan Digos Davao Del Sur. One of the two popular falls (the other one being Tudaya Falls) on jump off to Mt. Apo, this nature wonder boast of crystal clear waterfall hidden deep inside the valleys of the mountainous Kapatagan area. Indeed one has to endure some trail hacking down a slippery ravine, towards this waterfall. But the waterfall and pool is so alluring that several “kablags!” down the path is definitely worth the beauty before us!

Joy (aka Ligaya) posing for picture with Mt. Apo in the backdrop. Little did she know of what comes up ahead the trek…

“Onin!” You said this trail to Virgin falls is easy!!! Joy and I seriously thought Onin need some rethinking about his idea  of an “easy trail”. We never trained for this! ” My rants fell to deaf ears as me and Joy were too busy inching our way down the steep, slippery path. “Trek on all fours!!” added the veteran Chris.I said “Im acrophobic!”.

 The author, first agenda in the morning, is to collect pictures of the beautiful waterfalls.

It was an all enduring “yahooooo!” for me and Joy as we both reached the camp site near the Falls. For one moment, I thought “Joy will kill me for bringing in her down that dangerous path. “Hon, you made one significant win here! Kaya mo naman pala!” Don’t kill me please????

We pitched our tent under an old abandoned hut just above the falls. Joy and I were too tired (and afraid of the dark hehehe) to even wash our feet down the falls. We found some use for our tissue paper and alcohol. Chris and Onin fetched potable water and we cooked our meals. It was not our first time camping  together, me, Joy, Onin and Chris. But this one kicked Joy’s leg muscles so hard she barely can stand. We ate happily that night talking and reminiscing our treks together. The cold breeze,as well as our sore thigh muscles certainly induced us all to sleep fast! Snore me!

When I woke up the next morning I immediately went scouting the Virgin Falls first. The awesome waterfall that lay in front of my eyes “greeted” (seriously, I hope she wouldn’t say hello or I’ll run) with pure nature beauty. “Shucks ganda!” A10 feet wide, crystal clear, water spout burst from nowhere some 30 feet up and fell directly into a basin of water bed in front of me. Surrounded by staggering, circular  rock wall , the pool area is so inviting I almost forgot I have to get water first and come back later for the dip.

Joy V., still feeling the sore of his cramped leg muscles from yesterday’s trek…

Taking the VCR and camera with me, I took photos and videos of my other three buddies busily cooking and cleaning up our mess. We then went back to the falls for the swim and took more pictures and videos like some VJs wanting a slap in your face!

And we saw slap of course. Piles of  emty sardine cans and garbages tucked on the side of the stream. There were not-so-cute names vandalized on the rock wall. Signs of man’s stupidy I should say. No surprise then that some of our camera shots bore no face of us all. In not just one but several shots. Faceless. Take a look here.

Camera malfunction? Maybe. But nature has a way of telling us to stop raping her “daughters and creations”. Being faceless in a picture is a lot  “benign” than drowning in flash floods!

 Chris and Onin, already chilling in the cold of an early morning swim!

This Virgin falls may not last long for our children to see if we continue our reckless habit of leaving our trace behind!

So when we left, we made sure we left nothing but footprints and brought only memories from our Virgin Falls camping. It was an eye opening for all of us and most especially for Joy, who had endured so much on our trip to that place and enjoyed the feat just as well!

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