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Serenity at Lake Apo Valencia, Bukidnon

I’ve been to Bukidnon countless times already but Lake Apo has been elusive ever since.  I remember my Bukidnon friends inviting me to go to this place after each climb, but somehow those “plans” doesn’t materialize. Until I went there with the Sox Bloggers and Bukidnon Mappers, I realized what I missed in Bukidnon all this years.

Lake Apo as viewed on an adjacent hill top…Musuan peak is on the backdrop (left)

Lake Apo is situated in the inner mountainous area of Brgy. Guinoroyan 11 kms west south west of Valencia city proper. Believe to be a crater lake because of the presence of  active (?) volcanic crater s nearby- Musuan Peak (Mt. Calayo),  Lake Apo is a  “virgin” lake with clean almost crystal clear waters devoid of fish pens and other fixed man made structures.

Floating cottages made of light materials serve as “platform” for tourists wanting serenity in Lake Apo…

or just go on a leisurely fishing relaxation….

Lake Apo as viewed on a private “backyard”. The still waters is perfect for relaxing..

Definitely, if your looking for cool, serene place to meditate away from the noisy urban life, Lake Apo might just be your place.

Can’t resist to have my photo taken here…(Thanks Nardz)

If you don’t have your own vehicle, Lake Apo is by the way accesible thru a habal-habal from the city town proper. I sugest you get someone knowledgeable going to this place or a guide, as the road to this place is unpaved and without directional signs, yet. It’s good we were guided by no less than Engr. Bonzenti Panganiban (Contour Blog and his Lake Apo post) and Shuga Kang. 

Sox Bloggers Mappers (minus Avel Manansala in this pic) with Bukidnon Maggers (Nanards, Shuga, Xyrilloid, Alexis, Bonzenti and Joel, the Van Pilot)

Thanks to you guys!


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