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October 17, 2007 Comments (1) Lakes & Falls

Road Trip to Tinago Falls!

Finally, I came to Tinago Falls. Alas, seems like everyone else have gone to this place but me!Rumors had it that this place went from bad to worse- the mostly commercial establishments around it when it was still a government property has decayed. It’s a sore in the eye! Some of my friends would tell me.

Well, the structures were indeed rotting when we arrived there. The once supposed to be cottages and souvenir stores are just skeletons of what they were before. Empty cages, broken windows and dilapidated huts were left as if it is a biodegradable sort of thing. The caretaker told us that the owner to that piece of land near the entry to the falls wanted the place to be purely a private residential area and devoid of commercial establishments. And it seems like visitors will be repelled or dismayed perhaps.

But the Tinago Falls itself (plus the blue lagoon) is simply awesome. It’s idyllic and is still, one of the best falls I’ve seen. The blue colored lagoon appears to be a basin where water pours in from “curtains” of falls along its basin walls. The water is crystal clear, and it is warm enough to wake your sore muscles but chilly enough to freeze my blabbering mouth.

Explorers (never mined the childish behaviors) that we are, I never failed to frolic and swim in the cool water and bathe near the plungepool. And as usual, we made our point and shoot cameras busy, taking turns shooting pictures while others engaged in shameless model like pictures.

It was an awesome experience. Indeed, I could have missed something in my life have I not joined the road trip to Tinago Falls. After all, I wouldn’t ba able to discount the claim that Tinago Falls is “maot na”! It is still one of Iligan’s best.

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