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Casaroro Falls

Trekking the Mighty Casaroro Falls of Valencia Negros Oriental

January 25, 2016 Comments Off on Red Rocks of Pulang Bato Falls in Valencia, Negros Oriental Featured, Lakes & Falls, Negros Oriental, Valencia

Red Rocks of Pulang Bato Falls in Valencia, Negros Oriental

Perhaps one of the more interesting falls I’ve been to is Pulang Bato Falls in Valencia, Negros Oriental. Valencia is home to several interesting falls but the two most accessible are Pulang Bato (Red Rock) and Casaroro Falls. Valencia is  twenty minutes jeepney ride from Dumaguete City.

Indeed the rocks lining up the walls of Pulang Bato Falls and the stream bed are red, giving the falls its "red color"

Unlike the interesting Tinuy-an and Asik-Asik Falls , going to Pulang Bato Falls is much easier.  Just hire a single motorcycle from Valencia town and tell the driver to bring you to Brgy. Malabo where Pulang Bato Falls is located. Note that there’s another baranggay named Pulang Bato, but that’s not where the falls is located.  Enroute , you’ll pass by several hot spring resort including the famed Red Rock Hot Springs. There are sulfur vents alongside the main highway. I’m kind of in a hurry so I just took quick photos and I skipped exploring these sites.

What surprised me was the fenced entrance to Pulang Bato Falls. Cottages for rent and a cemented canteen also “guard” the entrance. I saw a bulldozer levelling dirt a few meters above the falls stream. Viewing deck? Improvements?

Anyway, I went down to the water stream near the falls catch basin. It’s summer and the falls width shrunk to a mere one half of its original size. ,


Must be the high iron content of the rock? I’m not sure. There’s also silt on the stream bed. That’s why I never dipped deeper than my knees .  Who knows what this falls made of?

After about a few minutes, a group of teenagers came near the falls, took unlimited groupies/selfies and made my photography impossible. I left less than twenty minutes after I entered Pulang Bato Falls! On my way back I entered Red Rock Hot Springs just to take a quick photo but it was getting dark. So I went on without a single photo of this place!

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