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Gantungan, Natigbasan and Dila Falls in Impasug-ong’ Center for Environmental Development and Recreation

This park, better known as the Center for Environmental Development and Recreation or CEDAR, is strategically located in Impasug-ong, 45 minutes north of Malaybalay City. CEDAR is just a few kilometers away from the the jump off site enroute to Mt. Kitanglad and the splendid Sumalsag Caves.  I have been to this place several times, to relax and wash up, after several days of hiking in the mountains of Bukidnon.  The icy cold waters of this creek is a natural cryotherapy for sore muscles from days of hiking.

Together with some very eager Pinoy Travel Bloggers  I went back to this place  with a purpose- to take photos of the three imposing falls and creek inside the park. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my previous visits here, because I certainly did.  When you’re tired though, you tend to overlook the beautiful surroundings around you. This explains why I wasn’t able to get good photos the last time I went here. I’m busy nursing sore muscles!

It was one glistening, hot afternoon when we started to hike from the park center towards the creek. Thus, despite the thick forest canopy, I was quite hopeful I’d get enough ambient light for my instant shots   The unexpected drizzle just before we “plunged” into the trail going to Gantungan falls, got me all worried.  There was heavy downpour the last time I went here, and the creek and  water swelled into a chocolate colored mudslide. So its pretty dangerous and difficult to get photos when its raining.

Luckily the drizzle stopped and so sunlight showed again.


First of the falls you would see is Gantungan Falls. Gantungan Fall was the only falls that stuck in my mind during my previous visits here. To get a good vantage point of this falls, you have to go down on a separate trail, trek the creek and swim a bit in a shoulder deep waters just meters away from its catch basin. From it’s source to the last falls, this waterfall seem to be the shortest and smallest but it’s catch basis is also taunted as the deepest. Never tried dipping into this falls as have this weird feeling of “falling of a falls” every time I go near one. But I’m addicted to visiting falls. 🙂


Natigbasan Falls is what most intrigued me. Hidden mostly and is elusive because of the so many obstacles (vines, branches, vantage points) to hurdle just to get a fair shot. It is by far the coziest if you see this photo of Journeying Pinay, by Tupe the Trekero. It is  albeit mysterious, hiding a cavelike catch basin under its huge waterfall that is rumored to be perfect for swimming.  Perhaps,  it got its name from the big, plateaud rock near the falls where you can sit and get hypnotized by the “falling waters”. Journeying Pinay would swear the sight here is more than enough reason for you to go back, even if it’s a bit risky.


But Dila Falls was the big surprise for me that day. Never had the chance to see this falls before because of the flashfloods. When we went down the creek several meters away from its catch basin, I was stunned by the sight. Good ambient light, perfectly set, wide catch basin, leading rocks and enough shades , that was all I need for a good shot. I hopped from boulder to boulder just to get a fair view.  I finally set my tripod a few meters away from the falls and flew away with my shutter. I can see a wide grin brewing in my face! 🙂


Some of the travel bloggers I’m with, even went nearer just to see the wonder! So if your in Bukidnon, never let go of any opportunity to see this site. My several visits here never fail to surprise me! Or these travellers!

Some of Pinoy Travel Bloggers finest, trekked with us down to Dila Falls

Some of Pinoy Travel Bloggers finest, trekked with us down to Dila Falls

Malaybalay City can be reached via three routes- from Davao City Ecoland Terminal by Rural Bus Transit bound for CDO, via Cagayan De Oro City via Rural Transit bound for Davao and from General Santos City/ Tacurong City via Rural Transit bus. From Malaybalay City you can ride a bus or  multicab going north to CEDAR in Impasug-ong. It’s just along the highway and you won’t miss it.

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  1. Magdalene says:

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    Beautiful place! If I have a chance to travel around the Philippines, Gantungan falls would be the must

  2. Tupe Diaz says:

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    great enticing post, doc. thanks for once again visiting my province

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    ay ang loser ko lang 🙁 d ako sumama waaaa. Blame it on the wrong shoe choice :/ ganda ng photos doc!!

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    Ganda ng shots! I had a great time hiking with you Doc and the rest of the PTBs!

  5. lovemindanao says:

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    i was so delighted to be with you in this simple yet rewarding adventure.. i had the chance to confirm one type of flora that naturally exist in the area (endangered) thanks for tagging me here.

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    The photos are so nice Doc. It was a pleasure hiking/trekking with you in Bukidnon 🙂