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Enchanted by the Hinatuan River in Surigao Del Sur

There are two ways of reaching the famed Hinatuan Enchanted River. If you don’t have your own vehicle, you can hire a habal-habal (an improvised passenger type motorcycle) from Hinatuan town proper to bring you to the river resort. Alone, this will cost you 200-250php so if you’re not a hurry, wait for more passengers (40php/head) to ride with a group going to Enchanted River.

If you have your own vehicle (preferably a 4x 4), just follow the road signs leading to the river. There’s plentiful of that going to the Enchanted River. If you’re lost, the local folks is very friendly and can answer your queries for directions.  Don’t get bored first timers and don’t get too excited.  The long, winding, hill ride and rough roads seem so desolate and endless. There are several baranggay  you’ll pass by so be ready to pay a road “toll” in each of these baranggays.

When you encounter this nipa hut “floating” on a clear limestone river roadside, you’re on the right track.  Hinatuan river is already nearby.


You might want to stop over and get photos of this idyllic nipa huts.

There’s an entrance fee to the enchanted river resort and the cottages and tables are for rent. During weekend and holidays, the river is packed with tourists and visitors.


Explore first the resort and plan out your adventure inside.

There’s another river outlet system just a little farther the main swimming area where you can also swim .


If you have diving gears, the resort allows divers with gears to dive into an underground cave-water system connected with the river.


Of course if you’re an avid photo hobbyist, enchanted river offers a very nice subject or backdrop for a photoshoot.


The water is crystal blue at its deepest and is teaming with fishes during feeding time (lunch). An underwater camera is best for taking pictures in this crystal clear blue waters.


As far as I know, there’s no overnight accommodations in the area so be sure you arrange for a place to stay in Hinatuan at night and leave the resort before dusk.

This is exactly what happened to us when we get there. We were all new to Surigao Del Sur and arrived at the place relying on the local folks for directions. Even if the resort is cramped with people, we enjoyed the cool, clear waters of Hinatuan Enchanted River. I like the place for a photoshoot. Sadly, our stay was too short to enjoy the place to the max! I hope this place will remain the same when I come back in the future.

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  1. Jake says:

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    maganda siya, sobrang ganda gaya nang pag katuklas dito, pero pag dating ng panahon ganun pa rin ba yan kaganda dahil naaabuso na nang mga tao. para sa mga namamahala nyan mag isip kayo hindi lahat ng bagay sa mundo dapat abusuhin ng mga tao. ilang taon, araw oras lang puro na yan kalat at basura gaya ng ibang magagandang lugar na inabuso ng tao. para sa lahat ng makakabasa nito isipin nyo kung tama ba ko oh mali.

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    Ooohhh…this place is really wonderful…the water looks so cool. I might visit this place soon.

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    waahhh. echanted river.
    so famed!
    ganda sir!
    hope to visit there soon