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El Nido Palawan Tour E: Twin Beaches, Falls and Hot Spring

The day prior to this, stormy weather almost scrapped our Tour C. Well, that stormy weather returned the next day and thus our Tour D was cancelled.  We decided to take a day off the tours to rest our very tired bodies.  After about an hour of pondering however, we decided to try El Nido’s inland tour.  We didn’t come to El Nido just to sleep.

Tour E is an alternative El Nido Tour when weather conditions prohibit the regular island hopping tours.

Basically Tour E involves a 40 minute trek to Nagkalit-kalit Falls and another 20 minutes to a Makasingit hot spring from their respective jump offs. The tour is capped by a visit to the Twin Beaches Nacpan and Calitang. Tour E is an alternative El Nido Tour when weather conditions prohibit the regular island hopping tours.

We went first to  Nagkalit-kalit Falls and arrived early at the jump off site. We were lucky there’s just few tourists yet at the falls when we reached it. Nagkalit-kalit Falls is just so..small! I don’t think the fall’s catch basin can hold more than 7 people bathing at the same time.

nagkalitkalit falls
After just a few dips and picture taking, we left the place as it is beginning to be filled by visitors.

It was searingly hot when we arrived at Nacpan Beach. The sun was well above us and walking along the long white powdery beach is just too much for our tired legs.

nacpan beach
We ate our lunch here. We were told Calitang beach is on the one end with just a few minutes of trek.  I beg off trekking because I’m just too tired to even stand up. My boboo of course because up the hill near Calitang Beach is an outstanding view of both beaches! But tired is tired and sometimes you just have to really rest. I took a nap here 🙂

When I woke up after an hour, we ate Buko Halo and started our way to visit the Makasingit hotspring. It involved another 20 minute trek from the roadside jump off. Frankly speaking if you’re going here for the “dip” no, you can’t as I’ve learned later. All there is boiling water and mud. I’m not to keen of the view either. Take a look.

Makasingit Hot Spring

The place is unkempt when we went there. There’s litter along the path and visitors viewing deck near the hot spring is mostly gone.

Will I recommend going to Makasingit Hot Spring? Sure please do if you have spare time and you want to see for yourself. Me however, I wish i spent longer exploring the twin beaches Nacpan and Calitang. I’ll be back in those places soon!

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