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Antique | Tibiao : Chasing Bugtong Bato Falls

August 8, 2014 Comments (2) Featured, Lakes & Falls, Outdoor Spots, Side Trips (Places to Visit)

Antique | Tibiao: Tibiao River kayaking on a rainy day

Tibiao River is the main source of irrigation for Tibiao’s agricultural lands. The multi tier  Bugtong Bato Falls upstream is thought to be the main source of Tibia River’s water.  A genteel provider on non rainy days, the volume of water will swell to crazy, rampaging brown rapids during heavy rains. tibiaoriver1 That was exactly what happened when I arrived there. For the past 3 days, typhoon Glenda brought in heavy rains and Tibiao River’s clear, calmer rapids turned into a rampaging gush of brown water. “No kayak for you today” said the camp host. “Not even close to the river banks” he further added in the local dialect. And it’s almost night time. Luck was with me the next morning  as the waters cleared up as fast as it swelled into angry, brown rapids. I was allowed to Kayak, with 2 rescuers in tow just in case.. tibiaoriver2 Of course, I’m still scared shit. It’s raining, although not as heavy as the day prior. We have yet to see the sun since 3 days ago. And, more importantly, I’m not even a novice kayaker.  Those boulders, rocks and rapids are for real.


Happy scared me before Kayaking at Tibia River

The rescuers who launched me didn’t said much about  basic kayaking as he, I think, thought I was an experienced kayaker. Well, save from a few water tubing rides I’ve done in Saranggani River and the calmer waters of Siargao, my kayaking experience is literally zero. Nil!

Before the trial run- still manages a smile

Before the trial run- still manages a smile

“Tikal lang akon sugid noy!”

After the trial run- almost hide myself inside my helmet!

After the trial run- almost hid myself inside my helmet!

Post Tibiao River Kayak

My kayak was literally fished out of the river rapids!

Watch this river video I took before I was thrown into the rapids.  I don’t have my Go Pro straps  so I don’t have actual video during the kayak ride. I don’t remember how many times I swirled in circles at the rapids. Often, my back is facing the huge rapids and rocks more often than I can remember.  All I care is not to fall or capsize and hit the rocks. I didn’t have the time to pray either. Crazy. Tibiao River Kayaking on a rainy day is a crazy adventure for guys like me. Of course I surprised everyone including myself that I never fell off or capsized my kayak. No cuts no bruises this time. I’m in one piece, Yes!!!   I wanted to try another run down the river. But I’m scared the river might swell again because of continuous rain. No time. I still have to see Bugtong Bato Falls upstream. Yeah, excuses. Ka-tikalon ah! Hahaha

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