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April 6, 2009 Comments Off on A Night Trek to Lake Maughan Lakes & Falls

A Night Trek to Lake Maughan

“Night trek, anyone?”

This was Chris’ tempting invitation to us four- Onin, Ian, Butch and me when we made a ‘fun trek” towards Maughan. We had several night treks together (Mts. Apo, Dulang and Kitanglad to name some) but this one is special. Our regular trek to Maughan will just take us 3 hours tops and today, the sun is still high up in the sky.  In the spirit of fun (actually foolishly bragging our macho thing), we trekked to Maughan, in style, for about six hours. The reason? We were waiting for the sun to set and we had more coffee breaks and picnics along the way than I can remember.

We talked about ghosts, run in circles when a dog tailed us (Onin actually thought there’s another person behind us)  from nowhere. We kidded each other, that we were getting old as mountaineers because we’re getting crazier each time we go outdoors. And I think he was talking with sense actually. We were getting old and our outdoor memories just keep flashing back.

It was all our first time to trek Maughan at night and though Onin and Butch were first timers in Maughan, their climbing experience more than compensates for our nighttime obstacles. So we did reach Maughan safe and happy with Chris maughan night trek dream fulfilled.

One thing we did experience anew that trek was the cold windy weather that whipped us all night long. We were just sleeping on a hammock and frankly, the gusty wind chilled us to no end. I guess you really cant predict Maughan’s weather condition.It is always safe to prepare.

But yeah, we had fun during this night trek of sorts!

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