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September 29, 2015 Comments Off on The Cozy Le Cafe Restaurant in Malaybalay City Food Places, Where to Eat

The Cozy Le Cafe Restaurant in Malaybalay City

I’ve been in Bukidnon many times in the past, not once did I miss going to Le Cafe Restaurant in Malaybalay City. Why? All my friends from Malaybalay and Bukidnon would bring me in this restaurant every time. Since 2007 and from each visit thereon,  I’m witnessing this place’s transformation and their menu’s evolution into one distinct specialty food place in Malaybalay City.

This quiet place is ironically located in the busiest portion, right in front of Malaybalay plaza and just beside national highway. You won’t miss that unique old door with a hanging “Le Cafe” signage above. Le Cafe just acquired the next door space and expanded their restaurant inwards plus a beautiful viewing deck on the back portion of the cafe!

Le Cafe interior (Photo by Marz Bendol)

Le Cafe interior (Photo by Marz Bendol)

Whenever I enter this place , I’m reminded of Papemelroti gifts and novelty store, but with food being served instead. If you look at their interiors, you will be amazed by how well thought out the design of the place, making it unique among all other food place here. This is one of the reason why many people go back to this place.

The service crew are courteous, even suggesting we get their best seller- baby back ribs. I’m kind of hungry after a long drive, so I just got exactly that- baby back ribs! Marz and Avel did get a lighter meal though.

The shy Garlic Chicken order of Marz and Avel (Photo by Marz Bendol)

The shy Garlic Chicken order of Marz and Avel (Photo by Marz Bendol)

Bonzenti and Jeannette our hosts,  joined us at Le Cafe.  Bonz introduced us to the owners, who are dining also with friends inside the cafe! Bonz suggested we try their best seller desserts, which we did.

Rice Cake

I never regretted I ate all my dessert despite hurrying up for a presentation thereafter. Any presentation can wait, if food is this this good!

Blueberry cheesecake, I guess :)

Blueberry cheesecake, I guess 🙂

Very nice ambiance, great food, better service and reasonably priced, I’d definitely go back to this place every time I’m in Malaybalay!


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