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Sarangani Your Adventure II: Water tubing fun at Pangi River, Maitum

An avid outdoor guy, this water tubing at Pangi River in Maitum was what enticed me initially to join this blogger tour around Sarangani. My friends from the mountaineering community has been salivating to go to this place before but couldn’t find time to do so. Now, the SOX bloggers and DTI-OTOP Sarangani is inviting us to experience this fun and showcase it as one of Maitum’s and Sarangani‘s fun spots,  I didn’t think twice. I said yes, even if I don’t have a wet suit in my backpack!

Pangi River's water tubing fun!

The 1.6 km long river rapid is not as ‘turbulent’ and ‘splashy” as the one you see in Cagayan de Oro‘s river rafting, but is equally fun and exhilarating especially with just an inflated tyre tube as just your raft! The ‘ride’ starts some 1km upstream (accessible via hike, a utility jeep or a van), with you riding a huge inflated tyre raft with all those safety handle rigs, helmets and of course life jackets. A “tubing guide” goes with you on another tyre raft and guides the raft through the river. He will also be your life saver whenever things get bumpy during the adrenaline pumped ride.

I can only say a few things about the ride. It’s one ride you’d never forget! I couldn’t remember how many times my tyre raft capsized and me gulping a lot of cold water, but it sure made me shout till my lungs blow during the rest of my above water ride!Whoa!  Here’s some more pictures of us getting ourselves carried by this rapids!

My water tubing fun with bloggers at Pangi River in Maitum Saranggani (Thanks to Arnel Lim, Leah Valle, Ced Zabala, Chris Sodusta for these pics.)

At the end of our tubing, I really had this inkling of taking another ride, but well, I’ll reserve that on my next visit here!

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