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Kalinawan Outdoor Resort’s “Do All you Can Do Challenge”

Drawn back
“One whole day is not enough here” said Vip Jacob owner of Kalinawan Outdoor Resort. “With all the outdoor activities you can do here, chances are you’ll wish you can stay longer” he added.
Vip is right. I went back. Together with seven other guests (Roy, Lito and Jimmy) and a few of their own staff, we head back to Kalinawan outdoor resort almost a year after me and Joy last visited the place.
The “do-all-you-can-do” challenge
What was supposed to be a Rock Climbing Challenge turned out to be a “do all you can do challenge” in this ultimate outdoor resort. I tried (and got wounded trying..) their “difficult” natural rock climbing wall twice even if I never tried rock climbing in all my life before. (I also failed twice getting up the wall. Another reason to come back perhaps…) I also ziplined twice, the canopy walk twice and the photo shoots twice as much. Twice,in the hope of making up for my first visit there.
I still couldn’t get enough of Kalinawan though. There’s still kayaking, snorkeling or intro diving, the trek and all other outdoor stuff it offers. One day is not really enough. Vip said “One Week is, maybe enough”.
The who??!!
Even then, I met a few more like minded outdoor loving friends there from the media (Roie, Lito) and sports (Jimmy) industry. I also got a chance to mingle with their very cordial staff (Vip, Dingdong), fellow mountaineers (Rene Sumagaysay of MFSM, EDGE Outdoors). Again, the resort exclusive use policy for their guests maximizes your outdoor fun. Even corporate giants like Globe recently had their team building in this place. Talking about big time then.
Photography 101
I long wanted to do some photo ops here,  noting the architectural genius and the awesome landscaping done to this previously barren rock face north of Cannibad. If I’m going to learn landscape photography, here is the right place. The stunning beauty is right in front of me. I’ve got all the time to experiment with my lens, angles,composition. So I got busy and forgot to have my pictures taken too! Here’s some of my pics:
So many thanks to Vip and the Kalinawan Outdoor Resort staff.
“great place, great people.great fun”
“What more could I ask?”

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  1. liz marie says:

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    kalinawan is one of the best resort in samal, i used to swim in that area during my stay in aundanao, the barangay where kalinawan was situated…