Enchanted by the Hinatuan River in Surigao Del Sur

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April 25, 2012 Comments Off on Fun does not end at C-Fish Cage & Sand Bars Resort Hinatuan Surigao del Sur Featured, Resorts

Fun does not end at C-Fish Cage & Sand Bars Resort Hinatuan Surigao del Sur

Hinatuan Enchanted River Resort does not allow overnight campers nor offer night accommodations. Our  group looked for a place to stay during the night in preparation for our next day trip, which is the famed Vanishing Island. Asking locals around the enchanted river, one stall owner pointed us to a nearby resort which was owned by her aunt and was the most accessible jump off to the Vanishing Islands. Some 20 minute ride hillside brought us to a coastal village called Talisay, where we parked our ride and rode a motorized banca towards this sandbar resort- C  Sand Bars Resort & Fish Cage. 

It was my first ever overnight stay on a resort “floating” on sea water. Actually it’s a sea sandbar that’s almost always submerged in shallow seawater during high tide. From the coastal village it’s another 20-30minute boat ride (around php50 per person one way) so it’s almost nigh time  when we reached the place.  Owned by the local government but managed by a private individual (whatever that means), this resort started its operations about a year ago. Made of wood, lumber and kalakat,  it has piped in water system, it’s own electrical line and cozy rooms to accomodate visitors. Room accommodations are php 300 (2 persons), php600 (4 persons) and php 1,500 for family rooms.

Amenities inside C Sand Bar Resort and Fish Cages

Amenities inside C Sand Bar Resort and Fish Cages

So you might ask what activities can we do here? Since we arrived almost night time, and there’s a looming storm, here’s what we did:
Well for me, the grandest part of our stay in C-Fish Cage and Sand Bar Resort was this astounding sunrise view.


So if you’re stuck in Hinatuan and is planning to jump off to Vanishing Islands the next day, try C-Fish Cage & Sand Bars Resort . You may contact Lysil Toledo the manager at 09104303724/09154184550

(Disclaimer: The author is not the owner, nor is connected with the owners of C-Fish Cage & Sand Bars Resort and did not recieve any renumeration, financial or otherwise, from the owners/operators of this resort.)

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