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Getting “the tan” from the White Island of Camiguin

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Revisiting the Old Camiguin on a day tour

Perhaps one of the more typical tour of the province, Old Camiguin Tour  is basically a quick peek into the island’s famed historical landmarks. Without question, I would recommend this tour for first timers in this island, right on their first day. Why?

This tour gives you an idea how did this island came into existence- island born out of and on few occasions, ravage by volcanoes. It also gives you a glimpse of the hispanic (through christianity) influence of the island and its people distinctly evident up to the present times. I suggest you grab a copy of  “tourist map of Camiguin” your accommodations (resort/hotel) will offer you . Or if your the more ob-c type like me, make a google map of places you wanted to go.

This tour is relatively relaxed and is mostly a photo travel shoot of the old camiguin. A service vehicle of your own like a car, van or bus for larger groups would be the most comfy ride to do this “day tour”. If you’re tight on budget and prefers a different kind of  tour around Camiguin, hire a motorela (rela and its driver /guide for Phph 1,200/day) or rent a mountain bike (Php 500.00/24 hour). Casual tour clothes would suffice and don’t forget, your camera.If you’re there for  photo ops with the old landmarks as backdrop, please dress accordingly. I’m no fashion police but hey, those really short shorts and skimpy bikinis don’t really blend well with let say, the Old Ruins?

Grab a mexican hat and sunglasses instead and you’re good to go. See these photos and you’ll know what Im ranting about.

Facade of the Old Mambajao Town Hall now a Municipal Library

Threading the walkway to the old volcano and the station of the cross. You need to catch your breath here..

Old Sunken Cemetery and the Big White Cross on top of it. You actually can ride a boat going to this white cross.

Gui-ob Ruins in black and white as shot by Joy Villareal

Sto Rosario church is unique because of the very conspicuous root decors it uses to blend with the old church structure..

The idyllic Guinsiliban Pier, little known but picturesquely superb.

Old Moro-Moro Watch Tower Ruins, a little bit harder to find since it’s not within the campus of an elementary school.

Tanguines Lagoon, known for its many fish species in cages that are very visible to tourists.

There you go! The old camiguin in a day’s tour!

  • Old Mambajao Town Hall
  • Walk way to the Old Volcano
  • Sunken Cemetery and The Big White Cross Marker above it
  • Gui-ob Church Ruins
  • Sto Rosario Church
  • Guinsiliban Pier
  • Moro-Moro Watch Tower Ruins
  • Tanguines Lagoon
Next : We would d be exploring the beautiful beaches of Camiguin!

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