Journeying Siargao through a different lens

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City of Mati destinations exploding in colors during the “golden hour”

Mati City destinations shot during the golden hour

If you are interested in exploring Mati City, I highly recommend you call Mati Tourism Office directly for inquiries. A quick Google search about Mati City destinations will yield a number of itineraries and their corresponding approximate expense. Please do not ask me these questions. My trips are heavily influenced by the nuances of my work and free time so itineraries and expenses will probably not be the same as in your trip.

City of Mati Destinations

Mati City destinations shot both from above and below along its coastline

City of Mati is 3 hours ride from Davao City via the Mabini-Pantucan-BanayBanay coastal road. I’ve explored some of Mati’s well known destinations back in 2015. I learned basic surfing from the mentor of “Amihans Boys” at Amihan sa Dahican, partied at Dahican Surf House, flew on board an ultralight at Mindanao Sage Flying Club, watch the Sleeping Dinosaur at the highway view deck and went inside Subangan Museum. It took me 3 years to go back with friends to Mati City!

This time I had more opportunities to shoot landscapes during the “golden hour” (scenes before and after sunrise/sunsets) thanks to superb weather and Butch! I am totally mesmerised by the beauty of Mati. It is blessed with mountains, islands and coastal waters making sunrises and sunsets totally spectacular!

Here are my Mati 2018 trip in photos!

Sleeping Dinosaur Sunrise View at Brgy Badas  Mati City
A thirty minute early morning trek from the highway’s view deck to the Badas Ridge Point yielded an astounding view of “Sleeping Dinosaur”.

Balete Bay on the east of this ridge also unfolded in full colours at sunrise below!
Balete Bay

We played around with silhouettes in another ridge.

Mindanao Saga Flying Club Ultra Light Planes
Minutes after I boarded an ultra light plane, the clouds over Mati City exploded in colors just prior to the glorious sunset.
Mati Sunset from above

This explosion of color’s really unique for this trip!

White Sands of Dahican Beach

The site of Mati City’s “Summer Frolic”. The long stretch of white sands and blue crystal clear waters is one of the best I’ve seen. This is also the famous surfing and skimboarding site synonymous with Mati City.
Dahican Beach Resort

Pujada Island
This one of those island beach Mati has to offer. Raw, pristine, serene and filled with thriving fauna. My lens is shooting a different scene however.
The port bridge, above.

And below.

Brgy. Tamisan Coastal Road.
This mini port area with mangroves exploded with great scenery during sunset. I got busy.

Mangroove + Sunset


Miniport + Sunset

I have tons of photos from Mati, an affirmation to its beauty and allure. Butch told me there were still other very nice places to explore other than its beaches. Well, I promised I’d just have to go back to Mati soon!

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