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July 7, 2016 Comments Off on Crystal Cave in Bulwang Mabinay, Negros Oriental Attractions, Caves, Hiker's Itch Recommends, Mabinay, Side Trips (Places to Visit)

Crystal Cave in Bulwang Mabinay, Negros Oriental

Mabinay town is considered the Cave Capital of the Philippines mainly because of the estimated 400 plus caves located inside its area. Of these about 100 is known, while 50 has been explored. Majority of these caves could only be explored by experienced spelunkers. There’s some seven caves though that could be visited by the average tourist. One of the most accessible because of its proximity to the road is the Crystal Cave in Brgy. Bulwang.

Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave in Brgy. Bulwang Mabinay Negros Oriental, is one of the most accessible caves in the area, just located a few meters oof the national highway.

It was raining heavily when I got to Mabinay, Negros Oriental. So of all the many caves in Mabinay, this is the only one I was able to visit.

Thus I was pretty surprised to see a well maintained tourist reception area, very cordial and knowledgeable receptionist and guides. There’s the basic spelunking gears too like hard hats and flashlights.The footpath going down to the cave entrance is already built with cement staircase- a great accident prevention especially in rainy season. The crystal cave is well maintained. Steel frames foot pathways with steel railings were built to preserve the stalactites/stalagmites from being disturbed by visitors. Areas were well lighted so formations can be easily seen even just from the foot bridges. You have to give credit to Negros Tourism for this.

This is the only picture I was able to save from the more than 3 dozen photos I took in this place.


All the more reason for me to go back to Mabinay and explore most of the “easy” caves!

The guide was very helpful in orienting me about Mabinay’s cave and Crystal Cave’s legendary “origin”. As it was heavily raining outside the cave, I didn’t stay that long inside the cave. There were no other tourist getting inside because of the rain and it was already late afternoon.

See all the useless camera gears? All those pictures taken, gone :(

See all the useless camera gears? All those pictures taken, gone 🙁

I definitely would be back in Mabinay for the other caves here.

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