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October 9, 2010 Comments (4) Featured, Festivals

WHOA GENSAN! The 2010 Tunafest Mardigra and Dance Competition

It was my first ever TUNAFEST Mardigra. I’ve been into several other festival mardigras before so I thought this was no different in style and quality. Drums, gongs, the colorful costumes, choreographed parade,  it’s all stereotype to me. Well, surprisingly not this TUNAFEST mardigra.

For one, there’s no loud familiar drumbeat to pound your ears.There’s only this easily sung  WHOA GENSAN (Centerpoint Band) to make you bounce off the street! That’s like dancing to a tune you memorized a hundred times already (naka LSS nga eh). I simply couldn’t resist dancing while taking photos of the performers on the street!  The well thought out, easily sung and familiar song beat makes it easier for the performers to dance, and swoon the spectators.  I swear I went home after this mardigra singing and dancing to the tune of WHOA GENSAN!  That’s one hell of an achievement for the geniuses behind this festival!

tunafest mardigra 2010

Faces of the Tuna Festival Mardigra

Festivals usually revolve around one central theme that it promotes. For GENSAN, this is all about TUNA. But I swear I never saw many other sea creatures dancing more than the performers here in the mardigra. Colorful and unique, the quality of the performance is awesome! I can feel the dilemma that struck the judges during the competition proper.  The quality is way up than par! It’s totally amazing how these kids weaved a modern, unique and upbeat festival dance style to a one of a kind performance. Uh, did you saw those boys doing sky rolls and somersaults during the competition? Simultaneously I should say? They’re nothing but awesome!

tuna festival proper

faces of the competition proper, Tuna Festival 2010

I love the song, I love their theme, and I’m totally taken by their performances. GENSAN TUNA FEST mardigra has leveled up the standards for a unique and modern festival types. So if you haven’t seen any TUNAFEST mardigra and street dancing competition, you’re missing one heaven of a performance. WHOA GENSAN!

Tuna Festival 2010 Competition proper

4 Responses to WHOA GENSAN! The 2010 Tunafest Mardigra and Dance Competition

  1. Bundok says:

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    @Cidy, the credit goes to the performers and organizers! Thanks to you also

  2. Bundok says:

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    @Orman, I probably just relayed whats already there in the festival proper. You geniuses made it that way, so its pretty easy ‘capturing” it in photos, and blog post! So congrats sa inyong organizers!

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    ganda ng shots mo Doc.. Ayos pagkasulat ang galing mo=)

  4. orman says:

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    how can you write so well despite your busy schedule, you slave-driver, you! hehehehe! thanks doc! am eager to read your take on the mr and miss gensan pageant night…