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Talakudong Festival 2010 Mardigra!

That’s because for 3 straight years now, I was able to witness this mardigras from start to finish! Though there where only 5 contending groups that joined the competition, the quality of the performances has leveled up! To think, these groups where choreograph by Tacurongnons themselves!

Talakudong Festival 2010 mardigra

Talakudong Festival 2010 mardigra

Talakudong  Festival, is a week long celebration of this city’s founding anniversary.  The city plaza and gym is filled with many agro-industrial activities and fair showcasing the thriving economy and  goodwill of Tacurong. The highlight is the colorful street dancing and field demonstration competition of the different groups wearing the city’s famed “headgear” or talakudong. Despite witnessing this festival several times in the past, I still brave the scorching heat to get the glimpse of what is for us unique and awesome! The experience is never the same each year!

Armed with my camera , I joined the mardigra and tailed the performers for my once in a lifetime shots. In the field demo, I went in front to get better photos of the performers. here are some of my photos.(More photos, here in my facebook account)  If you haven’t seem them perform in flesh, I guess you know now what you’ve missed! So next time, head on to Talakudong festival!

Talakudong Festival 2010

Colorful Talakudong festival 2010

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