Talakudong Festival got even better this 2009!

December 19, 2008 Comments (0) Festivals

Tacurong Inugyunay Festival: Spectacular light a tree contest that united Tacurongnons!

Coming from the hiligaynon word “inugyun” meaning to band together or unite, Inugyunay Festival is actually conundrum of spectacular tree lighting contest  capped by fireworks display and cultural shows at night. Celebrated by the city of  Tacurong  from the second week of December to the first week of January the following year, perhaps the name came from the so many people who gather in the city plaza watching the colorful trees and free cultural programs at night. The nightly showcase of Tacurong’s rich and diverse cultural talents create an aura of a peace for citizens that went through throngs of test.

This is only my second year of witnessing such event here (we don’t have this festival yet during my HS years) but I am as delighted as everyone seeing the well lit city plaza at night!

Despite the ongoing financial crisis and the continuous bombing threats, the people of Tacurong continue to showcase their talents, displaying an “attitude of peace” reminiscent of a progressive city!

The thousands in attendance, not to mention the mushrooming booth create a festive attitude that will always paint the aspirations of Tacurongnons for a peaceful and merry city.


Tacurong City came a long way to be in its present state. But definitely, this is festival is one way of showing our resilience and determination in attaining a peaceful and progressive city!

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