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Ten facts I love about Kalamansig, ang Bayang Pinagpala!

Okay, I’m no different than most of you, but I’m no average bum either. For an orthopedic surgeon, blogger, photographer, hiker, son of a beach, Kalamansig struck the rugged, outdoor rascal in me. Many who have not been to Kalamansig asked me “why”. In phrases and images, here’s some of Kalamansig’s finest to answer the “why”:

Kalamansig is surely a "bayang pinagpala" with the many adventures you can do there!

    1. People. Kids. Adults. Kids. Some more good looking people.


  • Sunsets are perfect anywhere in coastal Kalamansig. Who doesn’t love sunsets?


    • Mornings are as calm as sleepy. The sun is not “visible” till only about 9 AM so you can swim all you can before you get sunburned!


  • Kalamansig’s island beaches are sublimely pristine, rugged, “uncivilized”- exactly the son of a beach’s kind of beach




  • Coral reefs, corals, reefs, coral reefs. Kalamansig’s coast is dotted by the shallowest, clearest and alive reefs I’ve seen yet! You can actually take a picture above water of the reefs below!
  • Lobsters can be this big. Ulang as they call this, is a deep sea creature so the people in Kalamansig told me its not very often seen on their daily menu. Oh boy, I just saw one my entire life!And this was it!
Lobster or "ulang" a deep see creature on a menu

Lobster or “ulang” a deep see creature on a menu

  • You get to eat crabs when they couldn’t catch fish. Fish, please take a vacation.
Crabs on their ordinary menu

Crabs on their ordinary menu

    • Fern or “Pako” grow in the wild. So fresh fern salad (which cost a hefty amount in some resto) is a delicacy.


  • You can sleep soundly and peacefully with the sea just under your bed. No mosquitos or aircon needed!




    • Night sky is as beautiful as sunsets. Pretty silent too!


Well, these pictures surely doesn’t measure enough the beauty of Kalamansig for me. You have to go there and experience the adventure yourself! So go, discover Kalamansig a truly “Bayang Pinagpala” (Blessed Town) of many adventures!

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  1. Roma Case says:

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    I am from kalamansig.i have lived my childhood life there.and Sta .Clara ~ the neighboring small town when it was on its prestige.i left the town when i was 15 yrs.old..,studied college in Baguio city and moved to USA.After akl those years I have.always longed to see kalamansig again..the people, scenery,and food ,fiesta, uncorrupted beaches ,all these I have longed to experience again.~ they’ve been in my dreams always as i live my life in the “western word”.then one day without planning it out ~ i bought a ticket bacck to Philippines and bound for kalamansig ( 32 yrs passed) and there i was in a town that i have longed to be ~ it was a dejavu ! It felt like i never left coz all are like exactly how i have dreamed about.i remember everyone ‘s houses and the streets .i went to the plaza every night. .i enjoyed myself very well.better than vacation in europe !!#