Extreme Water Tubing at Brgy Tasiman, Lake Sebu

Two Day Asik-Asik Fallsventure in Upper Dado Alamada

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Quick, “Breathe of fresh air” outdoor adventures you can do to stomp the holiday madness

Right, I feel you. We all feel obligated to join this holiday madness because frankly, who isn’t? Who dare resist? There are more parties to celebrate than half of the days in December. Cash bonus was created solely for this purpose. Consumerism is deeply rooted in our psyche that come ber months, we all go into a maddening spending trance to satisfy society’s holiday madness.

Adventures to stomp the holiday madness

Hiker's Itch compiled a short list of outdoor sites and activities (Region 12), that would breathe back "adventure" into this holiday madness. That kind of adventure madness you'll love.

But what if you prefer a different kind of holiday madness? One that offers a “breathe of fresh air” instead of a  holiday soiree? Well,  I have a treat for you.

Hiker’s Itch compiled a short list of outdoor sites and activities (Region 12), that would breathe back “adventure” into this holiday madness. That kind of adventure madness you’ll love. Just click the highlighted heading and it will bring you to the individual posts on what to expect in each of this adventure.

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Asik-Asik Falls + Hidden Spring Resort 

Asik Asik Falls Alamada

  • Why you should go here: Because Asik Asik Falls is beautiful and pristine like no other falls in this country. Or maybe the whole world. Plus, the hidden spring resort will all be yours for a night. Like the boondocks royalty you always daydream of at work.
  • Why you shouldn’t: Long travels bore you. Or if you have boring companions. So leave “boring” elsewhere.


Lake Holon via Sitio Kule Trail overnight stay

lake holon

  • Why you should go here:You wanted the “Tboli” royalty pampering at Sitio Kule Tourism Center.  Grace and culture at its finest. Plus, The Selfie at the view deck is the in thing today. Bonus: Lake Holon kayaking, swimming or more selfie-ing.
  • Why you shouldn’t: Crowd. If there are more than 10 people booked for a night at the tourism center or there are 50+ people at Lake Holon campsite. You are avoiding the crowd right? Please schedule your hike some other time.


Lake Sebu Extreme Water Tubing Adventure: 

  • Why you should go here: If you are an adrenaline junkie, this one’s for you.  Big, bad boulders and raging river currents deserve a bad ass adventurer in you.
  • Why you shouldn’t: When you don’t have a cardio-pulmonary clearance to join an extreme adventure- one that might tear your body into pieces or your sanity.


Akfig Paragliding Adventure/SAFI Paragliding Adventure 


  • Why you should go here: Let’s face it. Floating 100 feet high above on a harness,  attached by tiny strings to a dancing paraglide canopy is just James Bond-ish. Running like hell with the same canopy in tow just to take off is Jason Bourne-ish too. So from scale of ten to afraid, how cool can you be?
  • Why you shouldn’t: You die at 10 feet above sea level.


Bakneb River Cave Adventure

Bakngeb River Cave entrance as seen in front. (Photo by Neile Alvin Cuenca)

  • Why you should go here: This is actually river rafting plus canyoneering inside a cave combined. Yes, not spelunking.
  • Why you shouldn’t: If you are afraid of enclosed space, of straight narrow cave walls, unknown river depths and surging currents, don’t go inside. Just enjoy the cold waters outside of the cave.


Kidapawan City’s Lake Agco 

Sunrise in Lake Agco circa 2012

  • Why you should go here: You wanted wrinkles off your skin vis a vis a mud pack. Or you want endless sauna, hot bath or the confusing symphony of cold temperature above and burning hot below waist.
  • Why you shouldn’t: NO. Don’t dive at Lage Agco proper or you’ll melt in less than a blink of an eye. If you hate crowds, again don’t go on weekends and holidays. Trust me, you’re better off elsewhere. Like the Climbers Den.


Lake Sebu’s Lake Seloton Sunrise Garden Resort 


  • Why you should go here: The photogenic sunrise in Lake Sebu is only available in this resort. And the best swimming pool and view beside a lake too. You wanted to hide (with) someone, hide here. 🙂
  • Why you shouldn’t: After reading above, don’t go here if you wanted to hide yourself. I mean, everyone knew where to look for you right?


Gumasa’s white sand beaches 

  • Why you should go here: Because its there. Even grandparents go here, so why can’t you?
  • Why you shouldn’t: You’re sick and tired of white sands. And people coming in hordes. Or videokes by the beach.


Mt. Matutum

  • Why you should go here: This imposing, almost perfect coned volcanic mountain sits right there just beside the roads of Tupi South Cotabato. Not scaling this mountain even once is like a painful splinter stuck right into you bragging list. Aren’t you tired of “my top ten mountains to climb in the Philippines” bucket list that never get fulfilled because you haven’t scaled this one yet? If you love the constant uphill hike, Mt. Matutum is for you. Do prepare those gastrocs well by the way.
  • Why you shouldn’t: Because it’s closed to hikers indefinitely.


Mt. Apo

Mt. Apo Geothermal vents

  • Why you should go here: Because its the Philippines highest and bragging rights is just your thing. The different geological formations on trails was a surprise. Geothermal vents, volcanic rocks the size of bungalows litter the North face of this mountain. The tropical forest that have seen generations of burning is also a reflection of  nature’s struggles against man’s encroachment.
  • Why you shouldn’t: Because it’s closed to hikers too, indefinitely.


There. If I missed anything don’t bother sending it to me. Hurl that ass anywhere it suits you. Stop the holiday madness and breathe some fresh air by taking some outdoor adventures worth your brain cells and lungs. And uh, I almost forgot. Thank us by liking Hiker’s Itch FB page here. Double thanks to those who will share this post.

(Thanks to Neil Cuenca for the header photo and Nanardz Navarro for lending his mud covered face in this picture. 🙂 )


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