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June 9, 2008 Comments (1) Featured

Not enough bonsai trees in my backyard! My Mt. Hamiguitan climbing demon.

It seem everyone in the trekking hordes have been to Mt. Hamiguitan, except of course me! Known for it’s hectares of Bonsai tree covered forest, Mt. Hamiguitan also boast of “Tinagong Dagat“, a lake with an unexplainable (take note Nat Geo!) high and low tides, a so called Twin Falls, a number of rivers (thus the famed countless river crossing) and of course, more bonsai trees.

Mossy bonsai fields of Mt. Hamiguitan
(picture from San Isidro LGU website)

of Dispatser sa Kanto has a detailed narration (including scenic pictures) of his trek here as well as Louraine (Treasure Box) who took a happy refuge with friends in Mt. Hamiguitan.

So rainy days and skyrocketing fuel prices notwithstanding, I’m pushing my expense limits (yep, I’m budget conscious nowadays) to spare me time and money for scaling this nature’s wonder.

The municipality of San Isidro Davao Oriental will be celebrating their Bonsai Festival this week and together with that, their local tourism office is hosting a climb to Mt. Hamiguitan! Now that, is what I call an “opportunity”!

Details of the climb have yet to be posted in their site but my trekking friend (Nino) already sent text messages of the dates, registration and some details about the climb. Here is the breadcrumbs of his text!

June 12-14, 2008 Open Climb to Mt. Hamiguitan, the bonsai capital of the Philippines. Registration fee is 250.00 php. Free transportation from Davao City to San Isidro Davao Oriental to the first 100 participants . Assembly time 7-11:00 AM at Magsaysay Park

But a more accurate guide (registration, ordinances, laws, itinerary and others) to Mt. Hamiguitan can be found on San Isidro LGU website, Pinoy Mountaineer and of course from Dispatser Sa Kanto‘s blogs.

In the meantime, I still have to “polish” the goals I’m setting for this climb, the budget, the IT, and of course my gears. But that has be in my next post already!

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