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December 7, 2015 Comments Off on Healthy and tasty food meet superb ambiance at Bob Nowongs Featured, Where to Eat

Healthy and tasty food meet superb ambiance at Bob Nowongs

Here’s the thing. I’m a sucker for healthy, savory food. Pop a healthy food counter somewhere near an outdoor spot and you got me hooked for good.

Five Star

The place is cozy, well kept, clean, love the interior design and how its put up to pair relaxation with food.

While Lake Sebu is home to the tastiest tilapia recipes one can think off, one restaurant is offering healthy, innovative food choices.  Combine great food with a relaxing ambience, Bob Nowongs in Lake Sebu is one tasty recent discovery for me. Bob Nowong’s recipes and menu will put some pricey restaurants to shame.

Here’s why.

garden salad

Bob Nowongs’ Garden Salad, with aragula this time.


Chicken Paella, all the way.

Healthy it is. Hands down Bob Nowongs Garden Salad  is my favorite. So is their pasta and chicken paella (valenciana). I am not even a pasta or paella eater.

For pizza lovers, Bob Nowongs thick pizza made of beef, paprika, onions and cheese is a must try. Their Pizza Rustica below, is with sweet basil leaves 🙂

basil pizza

Rustica Pizza with sweet basil leaves.

The honey lemon glazed chicken is also crispy yummy with the right kind of melt inside.

For my afternoon coffee, the local “T’boli Coffee” paired with choco banana chaffle works wonders for a the caffeine addict in me.

Bob Nowongs Tboli coffee

Bob Nowongs Tboli coffee and choco banana chaffel

Look at Bob’s Nowong Coffee nook!


A wonder coffee bar. I’d like one at home 🙂

Hey thats all I’ve tasted for now! and I’m still salivating for the others in their menu!


The owner with BoB Nowong’s staff.

What about service, their crew? Well, have you seen a a service crew so courteous and friendly they would initiate the selfies you wanted and paste them on Bob Nowongs facebook page themselves!  Also, for the kind of meticulous food prep they do, it’s surprising they can serve food this good at reasonable time.

To top it all, you’d be surprise the ones serving you is the owner herself. Man, if that does not count for an above par service, I don’t know what will. That’s a five star for me.

Here’s the killer plus for this restaurant. The building was designed and built by the owner himself, who is a carpenter! Look at their interiors.

bob 2nd

Design is a telltale sign if the owners are well travelled, innovative thinkers. 🙂

Did I mention they have one fantastic location and restaurant garden? Here’s a google map pointing to Bob Nowong’s location.

Why is it conveniently located in the heart of Lake Sebu?

  • located in the center of Poblacion Lake Sebu South Cotabato
  • five minutes walk from public terminal and public market.
  • ten minutes walk to the T`boli Schools of Living Tradition (SLT)
  • ten minutes walk to Sikat for exposures on cultural immersions
  • Close to Municipal Hospital,Santa Cruz Mission and to Municipal compound area.

I can’t possibly put everything at Bob Nowongs here. Go on to their facebook page and see most of their menus. Better yet, drop by their place whenever you’re at Lake Sebu and experience for yourself.

(Some photos used in this blog post are from Bob Nowong’s facebook page. The author is not however related to or being supported by the owners of this place.)

Food: 99%

Service: 99%

Location: 98%

Ambiance: 100%

Price: 98%

Five Star! The place is cozy, well kept, clean, love the interior design and how its put up to pair relaxation with food. Food is superb, innovating some of Lake sebu dishes with their signature prep. Salad is mouth watering delicious, with the taste mix so well blended you forget its salad! Service crew are very friendly and courteous. All in all, awesome dinning experience for me.

Total Score 99%

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